Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
What's New in 2014.1.3

2014.1.3 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2014.1.2 and version 2014.1.3.

Performance Improvements

  • WG-26630 Improved UI performance.

New Features

  • WG-13970 Authoring: Samples Per Output Buffer can now be configured in User Settings.
  • WG-23400 Support background music bus replacement for XBox One and PS4. New API MuteBackgroundMusic added to Mute/Unmute busses tagged as "Background Music".

Bug Fixes

  • WG-26349 Fixed: SoundBanksInfo max radius is not infinite with containers with mixed 2D and 3D sources.
  • WG-26408 Fixed: AddSecondaryOutput assert on PS4 with AkOutput_Personal.
  • WG-26412 Fixed: High-pass filter spikes when the global sampling rate is not 48kHz, and the HPF value is over 90.
  • WG-26415 Fixed: Modulators that are applied to other modulators may not work because they are not loaded in the correct order.
  • WG-26435 Fixed: SVN plug-in does not support untrusted certificates (and uses deprecated SSL Functions).
  • WG-26445 Fixed: Crash on REDO MIDI file import.
  • WG-26454 Fixed: Crash when sending audio to a bus containing a chain of effects-with-tail, with a convolution reverb in first slot.
  • WG-26459 Fixed: Crash when connecting during ControlSurfaceMidiAction.
  • WG-26469 Fixed: MIDI note off during Modulator Envelope Decay Time does not release correctly.
  • WG-26482 Fixed: Bus volume conversion from dB to linear then dB again is inefficient and numerically dangerous for HDR.
  • WG-26499 Fixed: Exclusion checkbox in Edit tab of SoundBank Editor is not working properly when excluding media that is referenced by multiple sources.
  • WG-26513 Fixed: Crash at project load when no Presets folder exist.
  • WG-26514 Fixed: Converted file ID sometimes not properly invalidated when copying or moving a sound, or editing its HDR envelope.
  • WG-26535 Fixed: Voices set to Kill Voice when under threshold sometimes ignore their HDR envelope.
  • WG-26538 Fixed: Potential stack overflow in profiling code with some compilers.
  • WG-26539 Fixed: Crash in CAkBusVolumes::CreateAttachedPropsParam() when GetInputParam() is called from mixer plugin's OnInputConnected() where input is a bus.
  • WG-26569 Fixed: Inconsistent I/O count with deferred device and cache enabled causes an assert and undefined behavior.
  • WG-26572 Fixed: Motion Generator: ASSERT(vector) then CRASH when soloing XboxOne Trigger in authoring tool.
  • WG-26573 Fixed: Inconsistency in XML schema reading preventing mixer plugins to add data files.
  • WG-26583 Fixed: A crash that occurred after unloading a sound bank while a modulator instance was active on a sound that was still playing.
  • WG-26584 Fixed: GetSourceStreamBuffering() returns AK_Fail when playing XMA and ATRAC9 streams.
  • WG-26601 Fixed: Disabling, then enabling spatialization in SFTest causes Wwise to crash.
  • WG-26607 Fixed: No Ak_EndOfEvent callback when an external source is incomplete.
  • WG-26636 Fixed: Secondary Master Bus muting other Bus if it plays first.
  • WG-26650 Fixed: Crash in MusicEngine::Term (due to CAkMidiDeviceMgr).

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