Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2015.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2014.1.6 and version 2015.1.

Platform SDK updates

  • Updated Vita to SDK 3.5.
  • Updated Mac to SDK 10.9.
  • Updated iOS to SDK 8.3.
  • Updated Perforce plug-in to Perforce SDK 2015.1.
  • Updated Wii U to SDK 2.12.13.
  • Added Visual Studio 2015 RC.

New Features

  • WG-3006 Added to Wwise Project Settings for event creation using the shortcut menu.
  • WG-13227 Added event action "Post Event".
  • WG-14398 Added event action "Reset Playlist".
  • WG-15494 Added multiple object renaming with new Batch Rename view.
  • WG-18296 Exposed SoundBanks in SoundFrame.
  • WG-18954 Added Min and Max Sample Rate columns, and "Allow channel upmix" option to Conversion Settings Editor.
  • WG-23258 Replaced deprecated iOS API references to avoid audio interruption caused by user music.
  • WG-25961 Added support for SeekOnEvent in SoundFrame.
  • WG-26106 Added 3D Audio support for Sony Morpheus.
  • WG-26436 Added Event and Play Target information to Advanced Profiler views.
  • WG-26466 Added cursors for Game Object Watches in RTPC tab and Attenuation page.
  • WG-26626 Corrected "Mute for Background Music" implementation in the iOS Integration Demo.
  • WG-26763 Added connection to Nuendo for interaction through Wwise.
  • WG-26880 Added option to override .cache folder path from WwiseCLI.exe.
  • WG-27004 Exposed distance-modulated priority to mixer plug-ins.

Refer to New Features Overview 2015.1 for more details.

API Changes

  • WG-23258 Migrated iOS audio session service support to AVFoundation for better app audio session handling. This affects audio session interruption callback and sound engine initialization, and also offers new features supported by AVFoundation. Removed ListenToAudioSessionInterruption() API.
  • WG-26235 Added AkInitSettings::bUseLEngineThread parameter, which disables the audio rendering thread to allow custom scheduling.
  • WG-26577 Removed PlayAudioInput() for plug-in API.
  • WG-26909 Exposed per-emitter-listener pair attenuation to mixer plug-ins.
  • WG-26935 Exposed PostMonitorMessage() to plug-ins via IAkPluginContext.
  • WG-26973 Exposed output device ID to plug-ins via IAkPluginContextBase.
  • WG-27009 Added new mixer plug-in hook before metering, which lets mixer plug-ins present different data to meters and output busses.
  • WG-27280 Exposed PS4's main output handle.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-26215 Refactored music transition algorithm to re-evaluate rule after picking "jump to item" and implemented advance in playlist.

Performance Changes

  • WG-22200 Optimized Vorbis.
  • WG-27772 (iOS) Improved Core Audio sink operations during audio session interruption and app state changes (active, inactive, background)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-23228 Added SoundFrame commands "Inspect Object" & "Find in Project Explorer".
  • WG-23258 Replaced deprecated iOS Audio Session C APIs with new ObjC APIs.
  • WG-26052 Removed obsolete AkCopyStreamedFiles.exe tool.
  • WG-26274 Added Project Explorer shortcut to collapse all descendants.
  • WG-26526 Removed unused presets in integration demo.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-13972 Fixed: Many error messages in the Wwise capture log do not point to a Wwise project object.
  • WG-18166 Fixed: Meters on Actor-Mixer objects do not use the game object associated with the playing instance.
  • WG-19373 Fixed: Users are only able to connect to the first instance when two sound engine instances are running on the same machine.
  • WG-24301 Fixed: REV crash when renaming Wwise.exe.
  • WG-26154 Fixed: Motion is incompatible with Flanger effect.
  • WG-26190 Fixed: Transition error in Music Playlist when set to "Same As Previous Segment".
  • WG-26196 Fixed: Game Object Explorer's copy to clipboard in Watch List copies wrong info.
  • WG-26214 Users now get "Add to Source Control" option when importing impulse response (file already in originals folder).
  • WG-26232 Fixed: iZotope Hybrid Reverb's help button does not open PDF.
  • WG-26261 Fixed: Music Transition source/destination reference not properly updated when moving a container.
  • WG-26311 Fixed: WSound::GetDefaultValue overload is potentially dangerous.
  • WG-26323 Fixed: No Music Sequence Container keyboard shortcut.
  • WG-26427 Fixed: Preset does not load references to busses.
  • WG-26431 Project Zipper now presents separate options for ZIP file inclusions: media info file, WAV files and *MID files.
  • WG-26525 Fixed: Wwise project does not become dirty when a default work unit is added on project open.
  • WG-26547 Fixed: Bogus error when generating external sources from command line for all platforms.
  • WG-26580 Fixed: ASSERT when you multi-edit a Motion Bus.
  • WG-26609 Fixed: Effect Editor undo change effect not working after relink in a specific scenario.
  • WG-26647 Fixed: Japanese SDK documentation missing in the Mac and iOS distributions.
  • WG-26660 Fixed: ShortID conflicts caused by Japanese characters.
  • WG-26795 Fixed: Cube Demo bug.
  • WG-26802 Fixed: Unlinked effects applied when they should not.
  • WG-26861 Fixed: Assert when converting a 96 kHz file to 300 Hz or 500 Hz.
  • WG-26876 Fixed: Wwise crash on exit or closing project when project is located on a mapped network drive.
  • WG-26915 Fixed: Level 3 XMA conversion plug-in for Xbox One is in the wrong MSI.
  • WG-26954 Fixed: Filters phase opposition between versions (64/32 bits and Profile/Release).
  • WG-27023 Fixed: Inaccurate default volume thresholds for auto sampling rate.
  • WG-27106 Can now use /ZI compiler flag on Xbox 360 to allow various permutations of sound engine configuration and run-time library.
  • WG-27229 Fixed: Inconsistent behavior on priority handling.
  • WG-27230 Fixed: Property Editor - All Properties tab is empty when created.
  • WG-27231 Fixed: Property Editor - Wrong hit detection of check boxes in the "All Properties" tab.
  • WG-27234 Fixed: iZotope Trash documentation does not open.
  • WG-27449 Fixed: (Mac) Channel configuration not switching to 5.1/7.1 when changing Audio MIDI Preferences.
  • WG-27593 Fixed: WwiseCLI does not accept project path containing front slashes.
  • WG-27626 Fixed: RTPC on HPF erroneously changes HDR active range.
  • WG-27655 Fixed: (Mac) Surround and Back channels are coming out from the wrong speakers.
  • WG-27669 Fixed: Crankcase REV crash in REV.exe when analyzing mono partial files.
  • WG-27702 Fixed: (iOS) Crash when locking device during IntegrationDemo initialization.
  • WG-27743 Fixed: (iOS) All audio interrupts briefly when suspending/resuming application while playing music.
  • WG-28058 Fixed: (iOS) Errors displayed in Xcode when other user ends/reject FaceTime Call without initializing call.
  • WG-28060 Fixed: (iOS) Xcode displays Ak Error when ending a FaceTime call after accepting it.
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