Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Release Notes 2015.1.7

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2015.1.6 and version 2015.1.7.

Behavior changes

iOS It is now unnecessary to call Suspend() and WakeupFromSuspend() for iOS for normal application interruptions (background/foreground, music, and so on). The management of the application life cycle is monitored internally and these calls are handled by the sound engine.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-29596 (Xbox One) The default SHAPE memory pool size has been increased by %25 in order to be more representative of the actual amount of memory needed for the number of XMA voices specified by uMaxXMAVoices. Note that the size of the pool can still be customized by setting a non-zero value in uShapeDefaultPoolSize.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-26450 Fixed: Crash when switching Harmonizer plug-in filter#2 to none while in playback.
  • WG-29146 Fixed: Crash when dragging objects to a Soundcaster session.
  • WG-29238 Fixed: User-defined positioning is sometimes ignored when playing many simultaneous sounds sharing the same path.
  • WG-29301 Fixed: (Xbox One) Ak::SoundEngine::Suspend causes time to speed up (desynchronizes with video).
  • WG-29316 Fixed: Overlapping MIDI notes cannot have unique velocity values. Instead, a new note's velocity will overwrite an old note's velocity.
  • WG-29324 Fixed: XAudio2 2.8 or 2.9 now used as default on Windows. XAudio2 option was deprecated on Xbox One (was never used).
  • WG-29391 Fixed: Continuous Switch Containers driven per game parameter were sometimes not playing the next Switch sound if the game parameter was also modulating the volume of the next sound and the Under Threshold Behavior was set to kill voice.
  • WG-29422 Fixed: CartesianToSpherical() may return #IND elevation due to floating point error.
  • WG-29437 Fixed: Tab-delimited file import: cannot assign same audio source to multiple sound objects.
  • WG-29441 Fixed: Vorbis stream doesn't properly handle unrecoverable I/O errors.
  • WG-29455 Fixed: Interpolation occurs from the Game Parameter default value causing a sound to play where it should be occluded.
  • WG-29461 Fixed: (Linux) Audio corruption after WakeupFromSuspend().
  • WG-29521 Fixed: (iOS) Deadlock when coming back from FaceTime missed call on iOS 8.x.
  • WG-29560 Fixed: Vorbis stream I/O errors ignored.
  • WG-29571 Fixed: (Xbox One) ASSERT(m_iPrevSamplingIncr == m_iCurSamplingIncr) when using the virtual voice Resume behavior on an XMA voice.
  • WG-29580 Fixed: (Windows 10) Crash when disabling audio device (32-bit Universal Windows app).
  • WG-29581 Fixed: Untimely mid-packet stream starvation of Vorbis triggers infinite loop.
  • WG-29586 Fixed: (Windows) Specific audio device (AkPlatformInitSettings.idAudioDevice) isn't reactivated if temporarily unplugged/disabled.
  • WG-29596 Fixed: (Xbox One) In some circumstances, XMA input buffers can be freed while a flow graph is running, resulting in a hang.
  • WG-29691 Fixed: (Xbox One) Possible memory leak when restarting the sound engine.
  • WG-29692 Fixed: Assert/crash when terminating the sound engine while the interactive music is fading out to stop.
  • WG-29698 Fixed: (PS4) Memory leak in ATRAC9.
  • WG-29831 Fixed: Linking errors of type error LNK2005: PKEY_<property key> already defined in uuid.lib.

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