Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2016.1

The following sections list and describe the latest changes to Wwise between version 2015.1.7 and version 2016.1. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. If using the online help, you can also choose a different Wwise version from the list on top of the table of contents column.

Platform SDK updates

  • Android: armeabi-v7a build configurations now assume the availability of the NEON instruction set.

New Features

  • WG-15054 Added capability to show game objects with multiple positions in the Game Object 3D viewer.
  • WG-17823 Added search field to the Project Explorer-Browser.
  • WG-24758 Added support for ambisonics to the Wwise sound engine.
  • WG-26555 Added support for offline decompression of Vorbis audio files, allowing storage of decompressed audio in memory.
  • WG-27265 Added Wwise Object Path to XML and JSON SoundBank descriptors.
  • WG-27299 Added AK::SoundEngine::PostMIDIOnEvent and AK::SoundEngine::StopMIDIOnEvent to execute a number of MIDI events on a specified Event object.
  • WG-27432 Added support for High DPI monitors.
  • WG-27484 Changed LFO Frequency minimum value from 0.02 to 0.001.
  • WG-27598 Added support for ambisonics to the Sony Audio3d plug-in.
  • WG-27691 Added new Wwise CLI option, -AbortOnLoadIssues, for aborting a command if a project load issue is detected.
  • WG-27822 New option, Synchronize modified objects, in Remote Connection dialog enables Wwise to send all objects that have been touched during an authoring session.
  • WG-28377 Added -NoDecode command line option to avoid generating .decoded files.
  • WG-28417 Added support for ambisonics in PCM, ADPCM, and Vorbis codecs.
  • WG-28419 Added support for importation and playback of ambisonic (AMB) files.
  • WG-28420 Added support for ambisonics to audio busses.
  • WG-28421 Added support for ambisonics in the Wwise Compressor, Wwise Delay, Wwise Expander, Wwise Flanger, Wwise Gain, Wwise Guitar Distortion, Wwise Harmonizer, Wwise Meter, Wwise Parametric EQ, Wwise Peak Limiter, Wwise Pitch Shifter, and McDSP FutzBox.
  • WG-28428 Created the Audiokinetic Launcher to manage Wwise installations and projects.
  • WG-28664 (Mac Authoring) Added Nuendo Game Audio Connect to OS X.
  • WG-28708 Added -SetTitleBarText command-line option to append text to the Wwise Authoring window name.
  • WG-28710 Added support for UTF8 and UCS2 files in a tab-delimited import.
  • WG-28721 Added support for 7.1.4 audio in the Wwise Compressor, Wwise Convolution Reverb, Wwise Delay, Wwise Expander, Wwise Flanger, Wwise Gain, Wwise Guitar Distortion, Wwise Harmonizer, Wwise Meter, Wwise Parametric EQ, Wwise Peak Limiter, Wwise Pitch Shifter, Wwise Recorder, McDSP FutzBox, Auro Headphone, and IOSONO Proximity.
  • WG-28814 Added support for ambisonics files in the Wwise Wave Viewer.
  • WG-28816 Added keyboard shortcut for "Convert for all platforms" and "Convert for current platform" for current selection.
  • WG-28836 Added new API function, AK::SoundEngine::GetBackgroundMusicMute(), to get the state of the BGM busses. Also, a new callback can be specified in AkInitSettings.BGMCallback to receive notifications of this state's changes. This will be triggered every time the end-user starts or stops their music player.
  • WG-28874 Added capability to assign specific channels to positions when setting multiple positions on a game object, which opens up lots of flexibility in the placement of individual channels in the 3D world. See AK::SoundEngine::SetMultiplePositions() for details.
  • WG-28889 Added ability to set Bus configurations from the sound engine API.
  • WG-28967 Added the Wwise Perforce plug-in name and version, to be identified properly by the Perforce server log.
  • WG-28982 Added multichannel support on iOS and tvOS.
  • WG-29075 Added keyboard shortcuts for several workgroup operations. Added additional keyboard shortcuts for Edit in external editor.
  • WG-29134 Added Reverb check box to enable/disable reverb section of Auro Headphone.
  • WG-29143 Added support to Wwise for adapting channel configurations when plugging/unplugging an audio device.
  • WG-29199 Added support for ambisonics in the RoomVerb plug-in.
  • WG-29420 Added RTPC for 3D user-defined up-down positioning (Z axis).
  • WG-29506 Added option to enable Secondary Output plug-in selection in API.
  • WG-29532 Added top vector of game object position in Wwise 3D profiler.
  • WG-29544 Added support for 6.x, 11.x, and 13.x WAV files in the Wwise Wave Viewer.
  • WG-29608 Added multichannel support on Android.
  • WG-29845 Exposed AkCallbackType::AK_EnableGetSourcePlayPosition callback within the AkEvent component.

Refer to New Features Overview 2016.1 for more details.

API Changes

Behavior Changes

  • WG-27475 Set Vorbis seek tables to be enabled default for new Conversion Settings objects in new Wwise Projects.
  • WG-28015 Added cross-platform connections on some software platforms.
  • WG-28463 Changed sample accurate continuous Containers to count as one, not two voices for the instance limiters.
  • WG-28770 Slightly changed default speaker angles used to compute 3D positioning on standard configurations (5.1 and 7.1). See AK::SoundEngine::GetSpeakerAngles() for more details.

Performance Changes

  • WG-27251 Improved performance for hardware codecs (ATRAC9 and XMA).
  • WG-27573 Fixed: The Vorbis Max Packet requirement prevents the cache from working well in streaming.
  • WG-27733 Reduced latency of MIDI Control Surfaces for live MIDI playback.
  • WG-28278 Improved performance for Event Action processing.
  • WG-29910 Eliminated CAkLEngine::EnsureAuxBusExist bottlenecking in some game scenarios.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-27287 Fixed: It is impossible to copy-paste RTPCs on Mixer plug-in properties.
  • WG-27491 Fixed: Voices can exceed the instance limits for one frame when returning from virtual to physical all at once.
  • WG-27559 Fixed: iZotope Effect sometimes erroneously reports plug-in media is unavailable.
  • WG-27574 Fixed: Error message for "Unregistered Game Object" is unhelpful.
  • WG-27575 Fixed: iZotope Hybrid Reverb does not support media relocation.
  • WG-27691 Fixed: Project Load Errors are not reported when generating SoundBanks from command line.
  • WG-28069 Fixed: (PS4) Losing hardware response on PS4 could lead to a hang.
  • WG-28143 Fixed: BasePlatform is not validated when importing SoundbankInfo.xml in the FilePackager.
  • WG-28233 Fixed: (Mac Authoring) Cannot resize or move window after a fresh install.
  • WG-28259 Fixed: Duration is not reported in SoundbanksInfo.xml for source plug-ins.
  • WG-28336 Fixed: (PS4) Assert when playing ATRAC9 5.1 audio with superframes.
  • WG-28361 Fixed: (Xbox One) Assert when playing XMA 4.0 audio.
  • WG-28389 Fixed: When the Stop Playback on Release option is enabled on an envelope, all sibling Containers are also stopped when the envelope has finished.
  • WG-28441 Fixed: Trigger rate time not accurate when the Trigger Container is parent of Blend Containers or Continuous sub Containers.
  • WG-28617 Fixed: RTPC on Motion Bus Voice Volume does not work.
  • WG-28687 Fixed: The order of nodes and their children in the Property Editor's All Properties tab is determined randomly on application launch.
  • WG-28691 Fixed: Display of the persisted expand/collapse nodes is broken in Object Property Settings.
  • WG-28813 Fixed: SoundEngine::SetRandomSeed is not working if bUseLEngineThread is set to false.
  • WG-28967 Fixed: Perforce plug-in does not identify itself correctly in Perforce log with name and version.
  • WG-29010 Fixed: Possible crash on PS4 when an AT9 stream is starving near loop points.
  • WG-29044 Fixed: Possible stop of all game sounds when disconnecting Wwise from the game while something was concurrently playing in the authoring tool.
  • WG-29820 Fixed: Crash in CAkRTPCSubscriberNode::PushParamUpdate_Scoped() when Default memory pool is full.
  • WG-29851 Fixed: Crash in CAkMidiNoteEvent::ScheduleMidiEvent() when Default memory pool is full.
  • WG-29865 Fixed: Assert in AK::StreamMgr::CAkAutoStmBase::GetThroughput().
  • WG-29955 Fixed: HDR Window is incorrectly affected by sounds when Active Range is 0.
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