Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
New Features Overview 2016.1

Ambisonics Support

Wwise now supports the import of ambisonic media source files (AMB or WAV), the 3D rotation of ambisonics sources, and the output of ambisonics through ambisonics-specific Bus configurations. And, with the use of the new Wwise Recorder plug-in, it is possible to save your ambisonics output to ambisonic files.

Wwise Recorder Plug-in

Wwise has a new Effect plug-in. Insert the Wwise Recorder plug-in Effect on Busses to record the audio signal coming through as a WAV, WEM, or AMB file. The recorded files can be opened in any sound editor or imported into a Wwise project. It’s also possible to record during game execution for later in-game playback through an External Source object.

Offline Decompression

PrepareBank() now has an option to automatically decompress Vorbis files and cache them in PCM at SoundBank load time. This saves CPU when played back later, which is especially useful for platforms with tight CPU budgets and sounds, such as automatic weapons, with high repetition rates.

Workflow Improvements

Workflow improvements make work easier and faster within the Wwise authoring tool:

  • Project Explorer Browser Enhancements: The Project Explorer Browser view now has a search field to speed up object location. It also remembers the last object selection and the expand/collapse state.
  • Table Column Configuration: It is now possible to hide, display and order columns in tables throughout Wwise.
  • New Wwise Authoring Commands Assignable to Keyboard Shortcuts: New Wwise commands are accessible through keyboard shortcuts and control surface sessions:

Profound API Changes

A major rework of the Wwise API has helped provide several improvements:

  • Plug-in Coding Improvements: The code revamp now makes it much easier for developers to register and link plug-ins, with little to no impact on previous work. For example, Wwise plug-ins can now be easily added to Unity projects without recompiling DLLs. Refer to Important Migration Notes 2016.1 for more information on the dynamic and static library system changes for plug-ins.
  • Expanded System API Support: In addition to DirectSound, WASAPI, and XAudio2, other Audio System outputs can now be defined with Audio Device ShareSets. These new ShareSets can implement third-party or - in conjunction with the new open sink plug-in framework - your own developments.
  • MIDI API Improvements: New MIDI functions are available in Wwise 2016.1. They allow to post MIDI events to the sound engine via the API, giving further power to the development of in-game generative music. Refer to PostMIDIOnEvent() for more information.

Removal of Conversion Setting Limitations

Wwise now supports multichannel sounds on iOS, tvOS and Android platforms.

High DPI Support

Wwise now supports high pixel density display, such as on 4K and 5K monitors.

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