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Release Notes 2017.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2016.2 and version 2017.1. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. If using the online help, you can also choose a different Wwise version from the list on top of the table of contents column.

Platform SDK Changes

  • PS4 SDK: Updated SDK to 4.508.041.
  • Metro: The Metro platform has been renamed to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and also supports Visual Studio 2017.
  • Windows: Added support for Visual Studio 2017.

New Features

  • WG-19301 Support for SetMultipleOcclusionAndObstruction, which allows for specifying list per-position obstruction/occlusion pairs.
  • WG-31705 New channel configurations, 0.1 and 2.1, on busses.
  • WG-31753 Game Audio Connect 2 is integrated, allowing transfer of complete Music Segments between Nuendo and Wwise.
  • WG-31967 Our API has been enhanced by adding a function AK::SoundEngine::CancelEventCallbackGameObject(AkGameObjectID in_gameObjectID) which will cancel the callbacks for the given game object.
  • WG-31986 It is now possible to drag and drop busses into the Auto-ducking list.
  • WG-32035 AkMemSettings now has an option to enable memory overflow detection. This memory overflow detector is only available in Debug.

    Refer to New Features Overview 2017.1 for more new features and details.

API Changes

  • WG-30778 AkPlatformInitSettings::uSampleRate now replaces AkPlatformInitSettings::eAudioQuality, which was limiting the sample rate on Windows platforms to 48,000 or 24,000 Hz. The sample rate can now be set to a custom value.
  • WG-31985 The AK::SoundEngine::GetSourcePlayPositions() function has a new behavior and validation of arguments:
    • The number of entries in the position array may be specified with a value of 0, in which case only it is adjusted; the position array is not updated.
    • If the number of entries is specified as 0, the pointer for the position array may be NULL.
  • WG-31988 (UWP) AK::ThreadEmulation has been removed; the sound engine now uses native threads. Exposed ideal processor as AkThreadProperties::processorNumber.
  • WG-32374 AK::SoundEngine::SendPluginCustomGameData does not require the Effect slot number anymore. On the other hand, it asks for the target plug-in ID.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-30677: Signal paths that do not contain an HDR bus are no longer affected by HDR attenuation. They used to be affected, so long as an HDR bus existed on the dry path.
  • WG-31842: Breaking change! Surround ambisonic ambiences (using 3D positioning) now need to be set to 100% Spread. With 0% Spread, they behave as point sources. See the Help documentation for more details about using ambisonics for 3D ambiences.
  • WG-31971: The ability to merge a secondary output to the main device on the fly, without reinitializing the sound engine, was removed. In order to merge the secondary hierarchy to main, you now need to initialize the sound engine with AkInitSettings::settingsMainOutput::outputHierarchy = AkBusHierarchy_Primary | AkBusHierarchy_Secondary. However, this can only be done at initialization time. The ability to merge a secondary output to main on the fly will be re-enabled in a future release.
  • WG-32235: 3D positioned ambisonics with 0 Spread now behave like point sources (as they should). Previously, they used to behave like surrounding sound fields.
  • WG-33084: Removed clamping of trigger rate transition time on Random and Sequence Containers. Prior to Wwise 2017.1, the sound engine was arbitrarily clamping the trigger rate transition time of Random and Sequence Containers to never be less than 22 ms. We removed this limitation to enable creative content. Take note that when migrating to Wwise 2017.1, if your project was specifying a value that was less than 22 ms, it will now be properly honored and could result in sounds properly playing at the specified frequency.
  • WG-33584: When panning standard multichannel sounds in 3D, the channels are first rotated according to relative orientations of emitter and listener, prior to being panned onto the output channels. Also, the shape of virtual source spread has changed with configurations with height (such as 7.1.4): they are now in the shape of spherical caps instead of pie slices. Refer to the Wwise Help for more details about 3D positioning.
  • WG-34022: Pausing or stopping a bus under the scope of an emitter game object will now only pause or stop the emitters that were played under the same scope. Previously, pausing or stopping a bus under the scope of a game object would result in a pause or stop of all objects playing through the bus.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-25943 (Mac) The authoring tool is now a 64-bit application.
  • WG-30735 Enabled multiprocessor compilation in Visual Studio projects.
  • WG-32262 (Mac) Solved project loading freezes on OS X Sierra.
  • WG-32977 Changed the minimum plug-in version to 2017.1. Plug-ins built with older Wwise SDK versions cannot run with 2017.1 and need to be rebuilt.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-30590 Optimized WObject selection for projects containing a large control surface session.
  • WG-30787 Fixed: The "Duck" icon remains active.
  • WG-30940 Fixed: (Mac) The XMA encoder for Xbox One does not work on Mac.
  • WG-31175 Fixed: Rare crash in AkPerf::PostStreamingStats when profiling streams.
  • WG-31200 Fixed: In the Mixing Desk, changing States doesn't display values associated to object.
  • WG-31479 Negative pitch values in SoundCaster sessions can now be adjusted down to 4 digits.
  • WG-31875 Fixed: Solo/Mute states on Wwise objects are not cleaned on disconnect/reconnect.
  • WG-32133 Fixed: Wwise Audio allows to add Sink devices for platforms that are not currently available.
  • WG-32252 Fixed: Bus Voice Properties doubled when a Blend Container child overrides to same bus.
  • WG-32344 Fixed: High contention issue when multiple threads are sending messages to the sound engine and the message queue gets full.
  • WG-32400 Fixed: Error reported when generating SoundBanks with project default conversion settings.
  • WG-32454 Fixed: Sounds stop on Wwise Connect.
  • WG-32652 Fixed: Verify if REV Supports Media Relocation.
  • WG-32942 Fixed: Crash upon connecting when adding Music Switch Container.
  • WG-33298 Fixed: Wwise is wrongly displaying an editable cursor for modulators and envelope-based Game Parameter graphs.
  • WG-33405 Fixed: Possible crash on Android platform when no jNativeActivity is set in Android Platform settings.
  • WG-33406 Fixed: Rare assert in interactive music switch transition involving a transition segment and a Same Time As Playing Segment rule.
  • WG-33413 Fixed: Query: Source of Override is Broken.
  • WG-33324 Fixed: Documentation: BGM sample code snippets incorrect and fails to compile.
  • WG-33393 Fixed: Blend container child property values are added to bus values when overridden to same bus.
  • WG-33603 Fixed: (iOS) Crash on init when suspend is called.
  • WG-33732 Fixed: Music Switch subtrack is switching globally on all game objects.
  • WG-33816 Fixed: (Android) Crash caused by division-by-zero.

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