Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2017.2

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2017.1 and version 2017.2. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. If using the online help, you can also choose a different Wwise version from the list on top of the table of contents column.

Note: Plug-in Developers This version of Wwise supports plug-ins built with Wwise 2017.1 to Wwise 2017.2. For plug-ins built with older versions of Wwise, their developers must recompile and repackage them with a compatible version.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Switch SDK: Updated SDK to 3.5.1.
  • Android: Changed Android minimum required SDK level from API 9 to API 14 for 32-bit applications. Also, renamed Android library folders to remove the unnecessary API level in the folder name. Therefore, the library directories for Android have changed as follows:
    • SDK\android-9_armeabi-v7a > SDK\Android_armeabi-v7a
    • SDK\android-9_x86 > SDK\Android_x86
    • SDK\android-21_arm64-v8a > SDK\Android_arm64-v8a
    • SDK\android-21_x86_64 > SDK\Android_x86_64

New Features

  • WG-32391 Added new profiling warning (in the Capture Log) when the number of Resume and/or Play-From-Beginning virtual voices exceeds a per-project limit.
  • WG-32758 Extended State system to most properties that support RTPCs - both Wwise objects and plug-ins.
  • WG-32999 Added tab delimited file import of localized voice assets from WwiseCLI.
  • WG-33396 Added built-in parameter Listener Cone and renamed "Object to Listener Angle" to Emitter Cone.
  • WG-33758 Breaking change! Unified Motion feature set with audio feature set. Motion devices are now considered ordinary Audio Devices and Secondary Outputs. Read more about the impact of this feature change on your game in Breaking changes in motion support.
  • WG-33884 Added support for new spread settings in SCE Audio3d.
  • WG-34123 Set the first curve as the default selection in the Property Editor's RTPC tab.
  • WG-34174 Added Output Bus Volume, Output Bus LPF, and Output Bus HPF controls onto busses, allowing one to filter the output of mixing busses using built-in LPF/HPF.
  • WG-34198 Overhauled Rooms and Portals (introduced in 2017.1) into a complete solution for modeling sound propagation. Refer to Rooms and Portals for more details.
  • WG-34209 Added version of the SDK and the banks "Load bank failed" error message now specifies the version of the SDK and the banks for easier troubleshooting.
  • WG-34473 Added input, output, and gain reduction meters to the Wwise Compressor plug-in.
  • WG-34650 Breaking change! Simplified Secondary Output management. Secondary Outputs are now exposed in the authoring application through the Audio Device property on Master Busses. And iIt is now possible to add as many Master Busses as needed in the Master Mixer Hierarchy. Read more about the impact of this feature on your game here: Breaking changes in audio output management, secondary outputs, and sink plug-ins.
  • WG-35243 Added collapse and expand of Mixing Desk sections.
  • WG-35313 Improved Shift+X (Show Source Editor) shortcut to automatically show the current selection in the Source Editor.
  • WG-35529 Replaced "Enable Spatialization" check box with a three-state "Spatialization Mode" menu to allow opting out of emitter orientation in 3D positioning.

Refer to New Features Overview 2017.2 for more new features and details.

API Changes

  • WG-34172 Normalized most plug-in names. For example, AudioInput is now AkAudioInput, Sine is AkSineTone, and ToneGen is AkToneGen.
  • WG-34172 Added the Source suffix to source plug-in libraries. For example, AkSynthOne is now AkSynthOneSource.
  • WG-34172 The Visual Studio property sheets for Authoring plug-ins have been renamed from PropertySheets\AuthoringRelease.props to PropertySheets\Win32\NDebug_vc120Auth.props, and from PropertySheets\AuthoringDebug.props to PropertySheets\Win32\Debug_vc120Auth.props.
  • WG-34198 Overhauled Spatial Audio:
  • WG-34337 As part of the Motion refactoring, removed the following:
    • The function AK::SoundEngine::SetListenerPipeline
    • The class IAkMotionMixBus
    • And the namespace AK::MotionEngine, which included the functions AddPlayerMotionDevice, RemovePlayerMotionDevice, SetPlayerListener, and SetPlayerVolume.
  • WG-34541 The AkReflectImageSource struct was modified such that its fields were moved into sub-structures AkImageSourceParams, AkImageSourceTexture and AkImageSourceName.
  • WG-34650 As part of the Output Management refactoring, renamed AddSecondaryOutput and RemoveSecondaryOutput to AddOutput and RemoveOutput, with different parameters. GetSpeakerConfiguration, GetPanningRule, SetPanningRule, GetSpeakerAngles, GetSpeakerAngles, and SetSpeakerAngles changed parameters. Removed idAudioDevice from AkPlatformInitSettings and replaced it by AkOutputSettings.idDevice in AkInitSettings. AkAudioOutputType was removed entirely. See Breaking changes in audio output management, secondary outputs, and sink plug-ins for more information.

Please read Important Migration Notes 2017.2 thoroughly for more information about the necessary changes to the game code while upgrading to 2017.2.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-34784 Removed arbitrary condition restricting obstruction/occlusion to game-defined 3D positioning. Obstruction- and occlusion-driven volume and filtering are now also applied to sounds with 3D user-defined positioning.
  • WG-35160 Removed limit of 4 game-defined auxiliary sends per game object.
  • WG-35338 Improved Import Conflict Manager to allow for multi-selection and the changing of the resolving operation for all selected rows in the list of errors.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-33407 Moved WObjects.xml to inside the Data/WObjects folder, not the application bin folder.
  • WG-34369 Removed 32-bit Wwise Authoring; it now only ships in a 64-bit configuration.
  • WG-35448 Changed Effects tab's selector list to display all Effects, regardless of the active platform.
  • WG-35704 Removed the CarSim SDK sample.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-20084 Fixed: (Android) Can now compile sources anywhere.
  • WG-30217 (Mac) The Authoring can now connect to more than one instance of the Sound Engine.
  • WG-32885 (Xbox One) Solo on default left and right triggers do not work as intended.
  • WG-33748 Fixed: (Switch) Performance issues with some plug-ins on Switch (missing fast-math compile flag). Gives about 10% gain.
  • WG-34013 Fixed: Live editing of Limit's scope parameter value invalidates the limit value temporarily.
  • WG-34197 Fixed: Invalid playback behavior of XMA files when applying trimming and fade curves.
  • WG-34491 Fixed: File Packager terminates with The specified method is not supported when using the excludedFilesInBanks option.
  • WG-34573 Fixed: In Wwise Authoring a sound with invalid loop points will play with loop points set to the range of the sound, whether or not looping is enabled.
  • WG-34853 Fixed: Ruler in waveform viewer does not display time beyond 1 hour.
  • WG-34886 In the Mixing Desk, State Properties for a State Group are now only displayed for the State Properties being used by that object with that State Group.
  • WG-34953 Fixed: Spatial Audio: Geometric reflections can sometime 'leak' between triangles and through corners.
  • WG-34956 Fixed: Spatial Audio Portals orientation has odd behavior.
  • WG-34957 Fixed: Reflect-enabled emitters ignore obstruction in outdoor zones.
  • WG-34962 Fixed: Capturing locally, after capturing remotely, will dump a PROF file.
  • WG-34968 Fixed: WwiseCLI with empty Pre or Post generation command (-CustomPre/PostGenCmd) will result in no pre/post generation step being performed.
  • WG-35070 Fixed: Crash when opening a view with selected objects.
  • WG-35073 Fixed: Event name does not appear when showing Event Actions in lists.
  • WG-35111 Fixed: Crash in WwiseCLI when using -Save and -ConvertExternalSources together.
  • WG-35250 Fixed: User auxiliary send levels on busses are not packaged in SoundBanks.
  • WG-35261 Fixed: Changing platforms does not update references; differences due to linking won't update.
  • WG-35291 Fixed: Attenuations-specific volumes of multipositioned sounds are reported exclusively in the panning volumes of the Wwise Profiler, making them very difficult to identify.
  • WG-35364 Fixed: Obs/Occ tab does not differentiate multiple positions of a same game object.
  • WG-35577 Fixed: Multi-Edit View has hidden controls for some Event Action properties.
  • WG-35781 Fixed: PluginInfo.xml contains plug-ins that are not supported by the platform.

WAAPI-specific Release Notes

Many WAAPI functions and topics, or associated parameters, were added or improved to give more complete coverage of the Wwise Authoring tool. See more details in the following New WAAPI Features, Miscellaneous WAAPI Changes, and WAAPI Bug Fixes sections.

New WAAPI Features

  • WG-34405 Added api reflection functions ak.wwise.waapi.getFunctions, ak.wwise.waapi.getTopics, ak.wwise.waapi.getSchema and ak.wwise.ui.commands.getCommands.
  • WG-34565 Added add, remove, and subscribe to assigned objects in a Switch Container in WAAPI. Equivalent to drag and drop of a child to a Switch/State.
  • WG-34589 Added the context object associated with the child of a Switch Container for get.
  • WG-34591 Added Group and Default Switch/State of Switch Container and Music Track for get/set and subscribe.
  • WG-34594 Added Switch Container Assigned Objects as a topic to which you can subscribe.
  • WG-34817 Added support for importing WAV files from base64 using and
  • WG-34863 Added ak.wwise.core.object.referenceChanged topic to which you can subscribe.

Refer to New Features Overview 2017.2 for more new features and details.

Miscellaneous WAAPI Changes

  • WG-33144 Split the C++ SampleClient is into the AkAutobahn static lib and the SampleClient executable. You can use AkAutobahn static lib directly without the sample code.
  • WG-33381 Added the Disconnect() method to the Client class in WAAPI C++ SampleClient.
  • WG-33766 Upgraded the version of CivetWeb in C++ SampleClient to 1.9.1.
  • WG-33794 Fixed: Exiting Wwise while calling WAAPI sometimes causes the Wwise.exe process to continue running even after closing the main window.
  • WG-34285 Exposed process ID and process path in ak.wwise.core.getInfo.
  • WG-34285 Added ak.wwise.ui.bringToForeground to bring Wwise main window to foreground.
  • WG-34291 Added ability to use the search transform from ak.wwise.core.object.get when using the WAAPI server in WwiseCLI.
  • WG-34464 Added filtering by object type and category to the "where" transform from ak.wwise.core.object.get.
  • WG-34822 Added support for a different timeout for each call in the Client class in C++ SampleClient.
  • WG-34898 Added @ as way to set references in tab delimited files (exactly like properties); usage of ~ is now deprecated. Also, references can be set with the same syntax in
  • WG-34939 Added platform to ak.wwise.core.object.propertyChanged subscribe topic.
  • WG-35365 Exposed workUnit::isDirty for Project objects.
  • WG-35366 Added WaapiWampPort and WaapiHttpPort macros to SoundBanks' pre-generation and post-generation steps.
  • WG-35382 Added Wwise object reference restrictions to the results of ak.wwise.core.object.getPropertyInfo.

WAAPI Bug Fixes

  • WG-33876 Fixed: setName does not prevent Auxiliary Busses from being named the same as an existing Audio Bus.
  • WG-34785 Fixed: Wwise takes focus when opening a project with WAAPI.
  • WG-34935 Fixed: Possible to set property values outside of the Restriction range.
  • WG-34965 Fixed: Documentation shows incorrect WAAPI schema values.
  • WG-35015 Fixed: Memory leaks when having WAAPI errors in some situations.
  • WG-35381 Calling ak.wwise.core.connect when already connected now returns an error without impacting Wwise.

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