Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2018.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2017.2 and version 2018.1. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. If using the online help, you can also choose a different Wwise version from the list on top of the table of contents column.

Note: Plug-in Developers This version of Wwise supports plug-ins built with Wwise 2018. For plug-ins built with older versions of Wwise, their developers must recompile and repackage them with a compatible version.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Removed support for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.
  • Perforce: Updated to 2018.1 (2018.1.1637071).

New Features

  • WG-15220 Made Contents Editor's column headers resizable.
  • WG-18255 Added support for keyboard "Tab" key in various views.
  • WG-19121 Added support for copying Effects in the Effect tab of the Property Editor.
  • WG-19255 Added Convert to Sound SFX/Voice option to shortcut menu.
  • WG-33754 Added support on all platforms for the Opus codec. Opus is a great alternative to Wwise Vorbis when file size has to be particularly compact because, with some extra CPU, it can compress more at comparable quality to Wwise Vorbis. In tandem, these codecs complement each other well to meet the competing demands of file size and CPU.
  • WG-33869 Split Event Action property Fade Curve into Fade-in Curve and Fade-out Curve; curve list now shows the curve images.
  • WG-34847 Added controls to Reflect to provide users the to ability fine-tune or reduce the effect of Doppler pitch shift that occurs with moving emitters or listeners.
  • WG-34918 Created the Wwise Motion Source plug-in as a replacement for the now deprecated Wwise Motion Generator. It permits one to use RTPCs to modulate the curves for the actuators.
  • WG-34940 (WAAPI) Added SoundBank functions and topics: ak.wwise.core.log.get, ak.wwise.core.log.itemAdded, and ak.wwise.core.soundbank.generated.
  • WG-35325 Created customizable themes with built-in classic and dark variants.
  • WG-35327 Added the Create ShareSet from Custom Object dialog to allow you to change the mode of an Effect from Define custom to Use ShareSets without conflict.
  • WG-35329 Added a splitter at the top of the Property Editor to adjust the relative width of the Notes field.
  • WG-35330 Added a splitter on each side of the Game Sync Monitor to allow adjustment of the panes for, respectively, the Game Sync Watches and the Game Syncs lists.
  • WG-35331 Added resizable controls at the top of the Mixing Desk.
  • WG-35332 Added customizable shortcuts for expand/collapse in the Project Explorer.
  • WG-35336 Improved States tab to retain expand/collapse status.
  • WG-35471 Added shortcut indicators to the Project Explorer's contextual sub-menus.
  • WG-36008 (Experimental feature) Added diffraction on direct paths and early reflections using geometry data. API Change: New API for Spatial Audio triangle meshes.
  • WG-36184 Added customizable theme color settings: hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast.
  • WG-36320 Added Property Help view to display the Wwise Help entry for any selected property.
  • WG-36460 Added the ability to set property values over time using an RTPC curve.
  • WG-36487 Added AmbiX format support for ambisonic files recorded using the Wwise Recorder plug-in Effect.
  • WG-36607 Added 3D Meter mode to the Meter view. The 3D Meter provides directional data for an ambisonics bus.
  • WG-36647 Added control buttons to split tabs section, horizontally or vertically, into separate panes.
  • WG-36650 Added Reset to Default button in the Object Property Settings (Configure Columns) dialog of several lists, including List View, Query Editor, Reference View, and Contents Editor.
  • WG-36687 Added source plug-in creation to a Project Explorer sub-menu.
  • WG-36969 (WAAPI) Added ak.wwise.debug.enableAutomationMode to reduce the potential interruptions caused by message boxes and dialogs during automation tasks.
  • WG-37161 Improved Capture Log to, upon connection, list errors that occurred before the connection to the game.
  • WG-37205 Expanded Hardware Device column to list the full ShareSet name.
  • WG-37284 Added shortcut to directly open the Effect Editor from the Voices Graph by double-clicking on an Effect.
  • WG-37913 Added Preset and copy and paste options to Audio and Auxiliary Busses.
  • WG-38071 Added two new lights to Game Object 3D Viewer for a total three lights, thereby providing a better ambience setup.
  • WG-38127 Added new services to AK::IAkGlobalPluginContext, allowing plug-ins to post Events and MIDI from the global callback.
  • WG-38349 New Motion Factory Presets available for Motion Effects.
  • WG-38508 Updated to new version of REV plug-in by Crankcase Audio.
  • WG-38588 The CPU usages of Spatial Audio and Interactive Music have been added to the Advanced Profiler Plug-ins tab, and now contribute to the Total Plug-in CPU usage in the Performance monitor.

API Changes

  • WG-33741 Changed the geometry API. See Using the geometry API in 2018.1 for more details.
  • WG-36398 Removed deprecated field 'priority' from AkRoomParams.
  • WG-36741 Motion sink plug-in fallback to the dummy output when the device is not compatible. This fix introduces the new error code Ak_DeviceNotCompatible. Returning this error code in the initialization of a sink plug-in will force the usage of the dummy sink.
  • WG-36986 Renamed SetPortalObstruction() to SetPortalObstructionAndOcclusion(), and SetEmitterObstruction() to SetEmitterObstructionAndOcclusion(). The new occlusion values are passed on to the sound engine and affect both the wet and dry path, in a manner similar to SetObjectObstructionAndOcclusion().
  • WG-37745 Added AkInitSettings::eFloorPlane to permit the specification of the floor plane to be used in Wwise authoring when connecting to the game. Possible values are AkFloorPlane_X-Z (the default), AkFloorPlane_X-Y and AkFloorPlane_Y-Z. Users of Unreal Engine who do not use Audiokinetic's integration should consider setting this value to AkFloorPlane_XY before calling AK::SoundEngine::Init.
  • WG-38367 AK::IAkGlobalPluginContext::RegisterGlobalCallback() now requires the plug-in IDs (Type, Company, Plug-in) to register the callback's performance within the plug-in timer. AK::SoundEngine::RegisterGlobalCallback() can optionally accept plug-in IDs to register a plug-in.
  • WG-38844 Spatial Audio's QueryIndirectPaths and AkSoundPathInfo were respectively renamed to QueryReflectionPaths and AkReflectionPathInfo.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-35918 For Blend and Switch Containers, Wwise now sorts by name Blend Tracks, Switches, and States shown in the Contents Editor.
  • WG-36327 Seeking on a Vorbis sound without a seek table fails but no longer stops the sound.
  • WG-36399 When moving or copying an object within the Interactive Music Hierarchy, Wwise no longer copies the music stingers of the object's ancestors.
  • WG-36689 Scope and Delay are no longer default columns of the Event Editor's Action list.
  • WG-36762 Objects in the Project Explorer that are not included now have a disabled icon.
  • WG-36787 Modified the opening position of the Randomizer to be closer to the cursor.
  • WG-37227 Remove DC Offset is now turned off by default for newly created Wwise projects.
  • WG-37243 Expanding and collapsing nodes in the Project Explorer with the + and - keys now works with multi-selection.
  • WG-37454 When loading banks, Wwise validates memory alignment data on user-provided memory pools.
  • WG-38197 (WAAPI) An WAAPI call or opening a project in the UI now prevents further WAAPI calls for the full duration of the project open operation. You can subscribe to ak.wwise.core.project.loaded to be notified when the project has been loaded successfully.
  • WG-38207 Diffraction angles were previously reported in degrees to both the Game Object 3D Viewer and to the built-in diffraction RTPC. In order to be consistent with the obstruction value that is set by diffraction, we have changed the unit across the board to be normalized within the range 0-100%. RTPCs that are bound to diffraction will be scaled to the 0-100 range, and you will see % reported in the Game Object Profiler, as we do within the Reflect plug-in for diffracted reflections.
  • WG-38443 Diffraction values across multiple Portals now sum together to produce the final diffraction value that is sent to the sound engine (via obstruction or RTPC value). If the resulting value is greater than 100, then the value is clamped. Previously, the maximum value was taken.
  • WG-38456 Enabled partial bank backward compatibility. Starting from 2017.2.7 (and 2018.1), banks from versions that were generated from 2016.1 and after will be accepted if they were containing only media content. Note that the backward compatibility is not guaranteed if the media was plug-in media.

Performance Changes

  • WG-33966 (Experimental) Added possibility to execute voice and bus processing tasks in parallel in a host task scheduler system. See Parallel Execution of Audio Rendering Tasks for details.
  • WG-35741 Optimized EQ, LPF, and HPF by 20% to 200%, depending on platform and configuration.
  • WG-36180 Reduced the amount of geometry data sent to the Game Object 3D Viewer from the profiled game.
  • WG-37344 Removed i386 support for Mac OS.
  • WG-37750 Improved Vorbis decoder memory allocator usage patterns.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-18397 Added drag and drop of objects into the Query Editor's Start From field and into the Capture Log Filter's Wwise Objects field.
  • WG-26840 Modified the quick search to allow for navigation of results without the list being hidden upon selection. The highlighted result will also be automatically inspected.
  • WG-35072 For better accessibility, moved the browse for an object shortcut menu entry to the top menu.
  • WG-35278 Changed SoundBank Manager's "Generate" button to "Generate Selected" and "Generate All".
  • WG-35604 Rearranged the top part of the Property Editor.
  • WG-36014 Changed shortcuts for navigating between tabs to now use the browser-standard Ctrl+# ( where # = 1 to 9 ). The shortcuts for switching between platforms have been changed to Alt+# to accommodate this change.
  • WG-36155 Changed views to keep tabs displayed even when narrowing the window. Now tabs form separate rows, as needed within the view to avoid tab-specific scrolling.
  • WG-36166 Simplified the Wwise toolbar by removing the Capture Time indicator and replacing large, text-labeled buttons (Stop Capture, Follow Capture Time, Remote..., and Reconnect) with small, more intuitive icon buttons.
  • WG-36435 Wwise 도움말이 한국어로 나왔습니다! The Wwise Help is now available in Korean!
  • WG-36573 Set Mute and Solo active colors to, respectively, yellow and blue.
  • WG-36575 Removed the Quick Reference Card from the Help menu.
  • WG-36606 Renamed ambisonics bus channel configurations from Ambisonics 1_1, Ambisonics 2_2, and Ambisonics 3_3 to Ambisonics 1st order, Ambisonics 2nd order, and Ambisonics 3rd order.
  • WG-36660 Moved Documentation Source and Documentation Language options from User Preferences to the Help menu.
  • WG-36755 Changed default values of the Performance Monitor to Audio Thread CPU, Number of Voices (Total), Number of Voices (Physical), and Output Peak.
  • WG-37011 Changed the standard icons (Load Preset, Save Preset, Close, and Help) in view title bars.
  • WG-37296 Added more informative Unknown Game Object errors to the Capture Log.
  • WG-37413 Changed layout configurations, making them incompatible with previous versions of Wwise.
  • WG-37427 Changed Capture Log UI to take advantage of Wwise list controls. This provides several quality-of-life adjustments, including fully configurable columns and many more shortcut menu options. Sorting, however, is no longer possible.
  • WG-37647 Updated the look of the Wwise authoring taskbar icon.
  • WG-37694 Changed the Wwise authoring tool, including all plug-ins, to be compiled using Visual Studio 2015.
  • WG-38384 Added an example of using Spatial Audio Rooms for creating ambiences or Room tones to the Integration Demo's Spatial Audio - Portals demo.
  • WG-38504 Changed the minimum plug-in version to 2018.1. Plug-ins built with older Wwise SDK versions cannot run with 2018.1 and need to be rebuilt.
  • WG-38770 Removed Auro Panner from Auro plug-in package. The default Wwise panner will handle the same functions.
  • WG-38899 Advanced Profiler settings: Spatial Audio options have been grouped.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-14241 Fixed: Automatic vertical scrollbar broken in the Project Explorer and Sequence Container Playlist Editor.
  • WG-26272 Fixed: Cannot use Select All (Ctrl+A) in Notes field.
  • WG-35007 Fixed: Positioning icon in Schematic View does not update properly.
  • WG-35027 Fixed: Recording status still displays after the Wwise Recorder plug-in recording is complete, if the file extension is invalid.
  • WG-35460 Fixed: StopAll performance issues.
  • WG-35615 Fixed: When connecting to Unreal the floor plane in the Game Object 3D Viewer does not match that in Unreal.
  • WG-36156 Fixed: Bus icon not enabled when pressing Shift for a master Audio Bus selection.
  • WG-36407 Fixed: Source and Conversion view's Original Size and Duration columns do not reflect the "trimmed" region of the audio file.
  • WG-36424 Fixed: (WAAPI) ak.wwise.waapi.getSchema call is missing required argument.
  • WG-36693 Fixed: No sound when playing a MIDI clip whose target's Work Unit has been unloaded/reloaded.
  • WG-36751 Fixed: (WAAPI) Opening a view through ak.wwise.ui.commands.execute hides that view if already open.
  • WG-36998 Fixed: Crash in Multi Editor when selecting All Parents on top-level Physical Folder and the Default Work Unit directly under it.
  • WG-37300 Fixed: (WAAPI) Connection failures on Mac.
  • WG-37346 Fixed: Wwise assert during SoundBank generation of dropped platform.
  • WG-37426 Fixed: Broken Value Distribution table scrollbar in the Profiler Statistics.
  • WG-37491 Fixed: The Master-Mixer Console does not gray out Auxiliary Busses' bypassed Effects.
  • WG-37531 Fixed: (iOS) Assert (AkSinkApple.cpp) when interrupting the sink.
  • WG-37577 Fixed: Blend Container x-axis does not update immediately when the range of the assigned RTPC changes.
  • WG-37621 Fixed: Compilation errors when including some Wwise SDK headers along with some AkAutobahn headers in the same C++ file.
  • WG-37637 Fixed: The Mixing Desk's shortcut menu does not use the selected objects.
  • WG-37679 Fixed: Some properties in the States tab have an invalid range when using the slider.
  • WG-37695 Fixed: Warnings in the Integration Demo.
  • WG-37878 Fixed: Reflect outputs garbage when used with anonymous channel configurations.
  • WG-37997 Fixed: Wwise crash during undo/redo of swap from modulator to RTPC.
  • WG-38021 Fixed: Tooltips not shown when hovering over controls in trees and lists.
  • WG-38118 Fixed: (WAAPI with Mac) Multiple failed calls during project load.
  • WG-38144 Fixed: (WAAPI)(Mac) When running both the client and server on Mac, the client cannot reconnect if the server is restarted (close then reopen Wwise), even if the client is restarted.
  • WG-38170 Fixed: AK::SoundEngine::SetScalingFactor affects spread and focus in the inverse direction. Scaling values above 1 should make perceived distance smaller instead of larger.
  • WG-38337 Fixed: (Mac) Clicking on an undocked view does not bring it on top of other undocked views.
  • WG-38340 Fixed: (Mac) Entering invalid characters when renaming an object in the Project Explorer does not prompt the edit field again.
  • WG-38359 Fixed: (WAAPI) audioSource:maxDurationSource does not work with Sound Voice objects.
  • WG-38412 Fixed: (WAAPI) returns non-standard details field in the error. Refer to WAAPI error format changed for more information.
  • WG-38422 Fixed: Peak Limiter allows output to exceed specified level.
  • WG-38449 Fixed: Keyboard shortcut commands within the Event Editor, such as Find in Project Explorer, go to the Event instead of the Action's Target.
  • WG-38451 Fixed: Long, multichannel ADPCM files (10 minutes or more) do not play when streamed.
  • WG-38455 Fixed: The Wwise Project Zipper does not include some project files, such as WCUSTOMPROPERTIES, that it should.
  • WG-38580 Fixed: A sound that is diffracted through a Portal pops instantly to 0 diffraction when the listener enters the Portal region.
  • WG-38582 Fixed: Output Bus filters not bypassed if set and then unset.
  • WG-38619 Fixed: Memory leak in Vorbis decoder under low memory conditions.
  • WG-38678 Fixed: Crash in States tab context menu, "Clear States".
  • WG-38726 Fixed: Game Object 3D Viewer's numerical position text is hard to read.
  • WG-38734 Fixed: Crash when playing an empty Event via SoundFrame.
  • WG-38780 Fixed: Crash in the Wwise authoring tool when monitoring a game's spatial audio data and the game runs out of memory in the monitoring pool.
  • WG-38783 Fixed: Out-of-memory crash in the Spatial Audio lib.
  • WG-38824 Fixed: Exception thrown by AkMotionSink::Init on Xbox One.
  • WG-38859 Symbols were removed from Lumin libraries in release configuration.
  • WG-38904 Fixed: Crash in Game Object 3D Viewer when saving project.
  • WG-38933 Fixed: NaNs introduced into the positioning system (showing up as -nan(ind) in the Obs/Occ tab) when the listener is directly in the middle of a Portal.

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