Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2018.1.10

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2018.1.9 and version 2018.1.10. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. This release is a bug fix release, therefore projects, banks, and the API are compatible without change for all 2018.1.x versions.

Note: Plug-in Developers This version of Wwise supports plug-ins built with Wwise 2018.1. For plug-ins built with older versions of Wwise, developers must recompile and repackage them with a compatible version.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Stadia SDK: Updated to SDK 1.36.
  • Xbox One XDK: Updated XDK to 10.0.17134.5063 (July 2018 qfe9).
  • Switch SDK: Updated SDK to 8.3.1

New Features

  • WG-43747 (Stadia) Added support for Motion.
  • WG-44062 (NX) New platform setting for automatically switching panning rule when headphones are plugged in.
  • WG-44670 (Stadia) Added support for Google Resonance.

Performance Changes

API Changes

Behavior Changes

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-44682 Added Stadia support to plug-in development scripts.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-44010 Fixed: Use of uninitialized memory in Wwise Convolution plug-in using an Ambisonics 3rd-order bus and mono impulse response.
  • WG-44698 Fixed: Possible crash when using blend containers in continuous mode to play continuous trigger rate containers.
  • WG-44843 Fixed: Invalid AkInitSettings::audioDeviceShareset cannot fall back to System sink.
  • WG-44938 Fixed: FilePackager generates invalid file packages for Lumin and Stadia.
  • WG-45238 Fixed: Crash when right-clicking in a tree control.
  • WG-45314 Fixed: Incorrect object type name returned by WAAPI when trying to create an object under an incompatible parent.
  • WG-45317 Fixed a crash when Zero Latency media is duplicated in multiple banks and those banks are unloaded in a particular order.
  • WG-45473 Fixed: Pulse Audio possible buffer overflow.
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