Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2019.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2018.1 and version 2019.1. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. If using the online help, you can also choose a different Wwise version from the list on top of the table of contents column.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Opus: Updated to version 1.3 of encoder and decoder library.
  • Switch SDK: Updated SDK to 7.3.0.
  • PS4 SDK: Updated SDK to 6.008.031.
  • Xbox One XDK: Updated XDK to 10.0.17134.5044 (July 2018 qfe3).

New Features

  • WG-17193 Added the ability to trigger Events from Music Segments.
  • WG-34558 Added new Music Transition Destination options for Music Playlist Containers. Last Played Segment and Next Segment offer the possibility to resume a music playlist's playback between different Switch states of an ancestor Music Switch Container.
  • WG-35746 Improved the Project Explorer to allow copy and paste of an object onto itself in order to quickly duplicate it, instead of having to select the parent.
  • WG-36703 Created new shortcuts, Alt + , and Alt + ., to move to previous and next frames within Profiler views.
  • WG-36796 Added collapsible splitter to some views.
  • WG-37100 Added associated keyboard shortcut keys to button tooltips.
  • WG-37229 Refined double-click on property RTPC indicators to highlight the correct entry in the RTPC list.
  • WG-37690 Added setting for optimizing Spatial Audio calculations with respect to listener: AkSpatialAudioInitSettings.fMovementThreshold.
  • WG-37947 Added a new panel to the RTPC tab, which allows you to view and modify the selected RTPC's settings without opening its editor. The panel also has an icon which displays the number of references to the selected RTPC and which can be clicked to open the Reference View listing all the references.
  • WG-38148 (WAAPI) Added ak.wwise.core.object.setRandomizer function.
  • WG-38779 Set Wwise to save the last used layout and to automatically restore it after the project loads.
  • WG-38915 Changed Spatial Audio to permit issuing individual reflection and diffraction processing tasks to the game engine's job scheduler, allowing tasks to be executed in parallel across CPU cores and improving overall system efficiency by better utilizing available CPU resources.
  • WG-39165 Added shortcuts (Ctrl+Number and Ctrl+Alt+Number) to change tab selection in the Property Editor's alternate split.
  • WG-39203 Expanded keyboard navigation to have the Tab and Tab + Shift option work in the Project Explorer when editing an object name.
  • WG-39332 (WAAPI) Added query syntax support for return options.
  • WG-39557 Created the new Logs view, which incorporates start-up, project load, SoundBank generation, conversion, and WAAPI messages. It replaces the Project Load Log and SoundBank Generation Log views.
  • WG-39825 (WAAPI) Added topic, which publishes the result of an import operation.
  • WG-39889 Added new "Enable Attenuation" RTPC-able property, which lets you control whether or not to apply the Attenuation ShareSet.
  • WG-40018 (WAAPI) Added ak.wwise.core.profiler.getVoices to allow retrieval of voice structures from the profiler in the authoring application.
  • WG-40019 Added distinct commands to start and stop the capture.
  • WG-40021 Replaced Hue by Color in the User Preferences and changed it from adjusting the skin hue to affecting only neutral grays, allowing to change the color of the user interface without affecting the skin color scheme.
  • WG-40054 Supplemented context menu for RTPC-able elements with Add RTPC option for direct RTPC creation.
  • WG-40218 Added new experimental Light theme for users who prefer a light skin over the dark one but want better contrast than the Classic theme. Because it's currently experimental, there may be items without the correct colors.
  • WG-40262 Created default keyboard shortcuts for Mute (Alt+M) and Solo (Alt+S).
  • WG-40274 Reorganized Source Editor view layout to maximize WAV file editing.
  • WG-40384 Enhanced Performance Monitor with an average curve. Set CPU and Plug-in timers to high-frequency resolution, with a default average curve roughly corresponding to the 200 ms sampling interval in prior releases.
  • WG-40422 Added drag & drop support for WAV files in SoundSeed Grain.
  • WG-40438 Added a "none" option to the SoundSeed Grain modulator list button to remove a modulator association from a given parameter.
  • WG-40546 Added Vorbis as a SoundSeed Grain Conversion Setting.
  • WG-40744 Added context menu to modulator indicators in SoundSeed Grain, which can be used to directly add modulations.
  • WG-40747 Enhanced modulator icons in SoundSeed Grain to show all modulation entries in the list when double-clicked.
  • WG-40954 Added WwiseCLI support for -LoadProject to simply load a project and then exit immediately. Used with -Save, this allows migrating and saving a project from the command line.
  • WG-41009 Improved Opus conversion to fully support encoding of all Wwise channel configurations, including ambisonics.

Performance Changes

  • WG-34082 (Android) Added support for AAudio back-end for devices running Android 8.1 or higher.
  • WG-37502 Improved performance in SoundSeed Grain when no resampling is necessary.
  • WG-39384 Increased the performance of the Game Object Explorer view.
  • WG-39763 Optimized RTPCs to use fewer CPU cycles when a call to SetRTPCValue does not result in a parameter change.
  • WG-40022 Reduced performance impact of Voices Data profiling information collection.
  • WG-40063 Optimized Wwise Reflect with a new Output Config property.
  • WG-40356 Reduced CPU cost of SoundSeed Grain's Grain Visualizer.
  • WG-40485 Increased performance of all envelope types in SoundSeed Grain.
  • WG-40486 Improved the performance of automatic generation of markers using transient detection in SoundSeed Grain.
  • WG-40734 Improved the time for sort operations in the List View and the Query View.
  • WG-40927 Improved performance of original file analysis.
  • WG-41504 Fixed a performance issue when pasting lots of items at the same time.
  • WG-41686 Improved performance of the Voice Monitor drawing.
  • WG-41897 Optimized CPU usage of Source Editor and Segment Editor during playback.
  • WG-42035 Decreased CPU usage in Wwise authoring Segment Editor when playing back a Music Segment.

API Changes

Behavior Changes

  • WG-36386 When adding a custom cue in the Music Segment Editor it will snap according to the active snap settings (Bars/Beats, Cues, Loops/Clips).
  • WG-37672 Stopping, pausing, and resuming a Play Action from within Wwise authoring now does so by playing ID. This has a direct effect on the behavior within the context of the Soundcaster. When playing a sound via multiple Soundcaster modules, a Pause, Resume, or Stop Action on an individual module will only affect the sound instances associated with that module.
  • WG-38218 Event Actions created through Tab Delimited Import will not be added to an existing Event if an identical one is already assigned.
  • WG-38720 When using ADPCM to encode a file during conversion, we now use the Platinum Games codec.
  • WG-39067 Command line messages are prefixed with the channel in which they were logged (when applicable).
  • WG-39435 The title bar has indicators to show the application is in automation mode or, if it is a debug build, has asserts disabled. If the automation mode is enabled, the skin colors will also be offset.
  • WG-39692 Improved the accuracy of sample accurate transitions when reacting to "break" actions.
  • WG-39787 The Randomizer Min Offset and Max Offset property display range is now based on the display range of the randomized property.
  • WG-39842 The dark skin is now used by default, replacing the classic skin.
  • WG-39899 (WAAPI) Functions and now return the list of log entries, which can be retrieved as an array through the log property of the details object, when there's an error. Additionally, now returns the list of imported objects on success.
  • WG-40053 The first row of an RTPC list is now only automatically selected if there is at least one RTPC set.
  • WG-40069 Copy-pasting items in the Project Explorer now automatically selects the pasted items.
  • WG-40073 (Android) Wwise will dynamically increase its internal buffer size to limit cases of voice starvation.
  • WG-40213 Wwise authoring blocks Windows from closing if your project is not properly saved or reverted.
  • WG-40240 Ctrl+Mouse Wheel now zooms vertically, while Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel zooms horizontally.
  • WG-40572 When there are multiple SoundSeed Grain instances, Wwise filters modulation bypass and file conversion notifications.
  • WG-40614 Events referenced by Music Event Cues will be included in the SoundBanks only if the Structures inclusion option is selected for the appropriate project elements in the Add tab of the SoundBank Editor.
  • WG-40628 Rows in the parameter-modulator property list can be sorted according to their column values. There is an undo/redo event for sorting.
  • WG-40694 State transitions can now be edited while connected.
  • WG-40845 Automatically pinning objects to the Transport with Alt+Click is no longer possible. However, added new shortcuts to Toggle Pin (Ctrl+P) and Pin Selected Object (Ctrl+Alt+P).
  • WG-41643 The default communication monitoring queue memory pool size is now 256 KB (up from 64 KB), enabling bigger projects to have valid profiling information even when having a very large number of concurrently playing voices.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-33347 Added warning for when memory stat file cannot be written during SoundBank generation.
  • WG-36918 Moved Open Containing Folder contextual menu entries to a submenu.
  • WG-37340 Renamed the "Note/Event" modulator property to "Note or Event".
  • WG-37797 Improved readability and reduced visual clutter of object icons.
  • WG-37799 Improved consistency and readability of placeholder text colors across views and skins.
  • WG-39230 Changed SoundBank Log items to have a string identifier instead of an integer identifier. This impacts the command line output during SoundBank generation and the WAAPI log functions and topics.
  • WG-39242 (WAAPI) Added Python samples using the waapi-client library and, to prevent clashes with the waapi-client library, renamed the include file to
  • WG-39254 Changed plug-in CPU statistics reporting to every audio frame instead of an average over ~200 ms.
  • WG-39289 Migrated Cube to Visual Studio 2015.
  • WG-39591 Corrected dragging incompatible objects into the Contents Editor to properly update the cursor icon.
  • WG-40114 Updated layout of SoundSeed Grain UI.
  • WG-40395 Decreased the default envelope attack time for new SoundSeed Grain and SynthOne sources, to avoid low volume output at the beginning of their playback,
  • WG-40842 Changed the User Preferences' User Interface options to display a preview on the whole Wwise user interface, not just the User Preferences dialog.
  • WG-40889 (macOS) Changed location of saved configurations files to ~/Library/Application Support/Audiokinetic.
  • WG-40975 Renamed Destination Jump Position Preset property to Destination Sync To.
  • WG-41240 (WAAPI) Separated the State object type into two distinct types: CustomState type for users of States, and State type for the children of State Groups.
  • WG-41250 Stopped sending objects clicked in the Voice Monitor to the Transport, which would interrupt playback while profiling.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-22636 Fixed: Select All doesn't focus specifically on object names when editing them in the Project Explorer.
  • WG-30329 Fixed: Occasional crash in Batch Rename while modifying the project.
  • WG-33846 Fixed: Multi Editor allows setting invalid fade values for Audio Sources.
  • WG-34254 Fixed: Random and Sequence Containers with Trigger Rate transition types apply a Play Event transition to all children instead of the container itself.
  • WG-35046 Fixed: SoundBank metadata (TXT) files do not list Switch/State Groups if not referenced in the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy.
  • WG-35102 Fixed: The Solo/Mute buttons in the Sends tab of the Advanced Profiler did not properly affect the Game Object.
  • WG-36198 Fixed: Deleting an Event while playing it in Wwise authoring makes it impossible to stop the Event and the UI lock on some items remains.
  • WG-36591 Fixed: Some contextual menus display next to the mouse cursor when opening them using the keyboard.
  • WG-36671 Fixed: MIDI Target reference not shown in the Property Editor's MIDI tab for unloaded Work Units.
  • WG-36672 Fixed: False-positive warning when reloading a Work Unit after changing an unloaded reference.
  • WG-36910 Fixed: Flickering scrollbar when scrolling Project Explorer's vertical scrollbar with the mouse.
  • WG-37193 Fixed: Link and Unlink icons are not properly sized in Multi Editor for High DPI displays.
  • WG-37353 Fixed: Stop button of progress dialog for sort operations doesn't work.
  • WG-37660 Fixed: Audio Files Importer keyboard shortcut is only working when focus is on Project Explorer.
  • WG-37828 Fixed: Cannot change the split type of tabs in a view using the arrow keys.
  • WG-38104 Fixed: Corrupted SoundBanks could cause a crash in Profile and Release configurations.
  • WG-38316 Fixed: Capture Log context menu, "Add Game Object to Game Object Watch List - By Name" does not always add the correct name.
  • WG-38797 Fixed: Voice starvation issue when AddOutput is called for a DirectInput motion device.
  • WG-39005 Fixed: Cannot get primary device, once initialized, from the DeviceStatusCallback.
  • WG-39079 Fixed: Copy-paste shortcuts do not work in the Event Viewer.
  • WG-39498 Fixed: Crash in XAudio2 when switching projects in Wwise authoring.
  • WG-39562 Fixed: Crash when a view changes while editing a Note.
  • WG-39683 Fixed: Error message when attempting to play a sound through the Wwise Convolution Reverb without an impulse response is too generic.
  • WG-39708 Fixed: Wwise hangs while profiling with watches containing a wildcard.
  • WG-39764 Fixed: (WAAPI) Crash when importing audio sources with a language not supported by the target parent.
  • WG-39782 Fixed: RTPC editor's S-Curve icon is not correct when selected.
  • WG-40196 Fixed: Scaling issues when a 125% DPI scaling is applied.
  • WG-40231 Fixed: Rendering issues in the SoundSeed Grain envelope editor.
  • WG-40266 Fixed: Dragging the Attack or Release sometimes causes a visual jitter in SoundSeed Grain.
  • WG-40390 Fixed: Negative Amplitude is not shown on feedback sliders in SoundSeed Grain.
  • WG-40411 Fixed: SoundSeed Grain envelope editor is unresponsive when there are many grains.
  • WG-40418 Fixed: SoundSeed Grain's Grain Visualizer rendering bugs when resizing.
  • WG-40427 Fixed: Crash while renaming a new item in Project Explorer.
  • WG-40428 Fixed: Crash is possible while sorting in SoundBank Generation log.
  • WG-40441 Fixed: SoundSeed Grain's Grain Visualizer has rendering issues when zooming and scrolling.
  • WG-40469 Fixed: Display issues when scrolling, zooming, and resizing the Grain Visualizer in SoundSeed Grain.
  • WG-40480 Fixed: SoundSeed Grain's Q slider is disabled when filter type is HPF6 or LPF6.
  • WG-40511 Fixed: (Windows) Missing *.filter files in Integration Demo sample code.
  • WG-40512 Fixed: SoundSeed Grain bypass buttons cannot be activated with keyboard.
  • WG-40638 Fixed: (WAAPI) Setting the BypassEffects property on objects returns an error.
  • WG-40646 Fixed: Splitter area disappears when resizing SoundSeed Grain Source Editor window.
  • WG-40656 Fixed: Missing Conversion Settings in the SoundSeed Grain factory assets.
  • WG-40660 Fixed: SetRTPCValue and SetRTPCValueWIthTransition messages are inverted in the Capture Log.
  • WG-40748 Fixed: (Windows) Assert in debug mode when quickly disconnecting/reconnecting a DirectInput device while playing a sound with motion feedback.
  • WG-40752 Fixed: Navigating backwards from the Source Editor to a sound with an RTPC object that can be inspected, such as a Modulator, prompts the editor rather than returning to the sound.
  • WG-40761 Fixed: Deleting an Event through the Event Viewer marks it as missing instead of removing it from the list.
  • WG-40779 Fixed: Multiple undo actions for single action of adding a custom marker to SoundSeed Grain sources.
  • WG-40784 Fixed: Changing SoundSeed Grain source properties or Conversion Settings can freeze the UI when there are many SoundSeed Grain instances.
  • WG-40836 Fixed: Wrong bypass icons in SoundSeed Grain.
  • WG-40857 Fixed: Crash when sorting the Volumes column of the Advanced Profiler's Listeners tab.
  • WG-40862 Fixed: Opening a modal window by using the title bar menu does not work when Wwise is out of focus.
  • WG-40946 Fixed: Active tab and splitter positions incorrectly shared between source plug-ins.
  • WG-40971 Fixed: Multi-Editor View Mode does not persist correctly when closing the view.
  • WG-41004 Fixed: Project Settings are no longer migrated correctly.
  • WG-41008 Fixed: Grain visualization issue when the Pitch value in the SoundSeed Grain settings is non-zero.
  • WG-41021 Fixed: Crash from undo after loading a source file into a new instance of SoundSeed Grain.
  • WG-41030 Fixed: Crash for some return options for topics ak.wwise.core.object.postDeleted and ak.wwise.core.object.childRemoved.
  • WG-41159 Fixed: Expanding/collapsing nodes in trees using the left and right arrow keys no longer works.
  • WG-41214 Fixed: Crash in the Transport Control when closing Wwise authoring.
  • WG-41340 Fixed: (macOS) Failure to build source plug-ins created using for Mac target.
  • WG-41555 Fixed: Wrong converted sample rate reported in Opus.
  • WG-41725 Fixed: Crash while using the mouse wheel on random values of Positioning Automation (and potentially elsewhere) when no path point is selected.
  • WG-41756 Fixed: Opus playback sometimes stops unexpectedly after looping or seeking.
  • WG-41814 Fixed: Possible crash when selecting no object in the Project Explorer Browser invoked with the Add Exception... button in the Event Editor.
  • WG-41823 Fixed: Show All References and Schematic View on an Auxiliary Bus don't show references from User-Defined Auxiliary Sends.
  • WG-41899 Fixed: List in Emitter-Listener tab of the Profiler can grow indefinitely when game objects that have been unregistered are quickly re-registered.
  • WG-41939 Fixed: Crash in some Effect plug-ins under low memory conditions.
  • WG-42026 Fixed: Crash when calling AK::Wwise::IPluginPropertySet::WaapiCall from plug-in with NULL arguments or options.
  • WG-42046 Fixed: "Panning vs 3D Spatialization Mix" value not updated when live editing RTPC curve.
  • WG-42132 Fixed: (iOS) Application crash when playing Vorbis audio on iPhone 5 devices and older.
  • WG-42148 Fixed: Dragging objects onto the SoundBank Manager's list no longer resets the scroll position.
  • WG-42201 Fixed: (macOS) About dialog freezes the application if it is displayed on a secondary monitor.
  • WG-42202 Fixed: Crash when loading a profiling session that contains Effect plug-ins that are not installed.
  • WG-42204 Fixed: SoundSeed Grain is missing grain display in authoring tool when non-Windows platforms are selected.

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