Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2019.1.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2019.1 and version 2019.1.1. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Linux: Updated toolchain to Clang 3.8.
  • Lumin: Updated to SDK 0.19.
  • Mac, iOS, tvOS: Updated to Xcode 10.1.
  • Switch SDK: Updated SDK to 7.4.0.

Performance Changes

  • WG-42578 Small performance fix when Voice Inspector data is enabled.

API Changes

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-41269 WAAPI reference documentation was updated for better clarity and now includes an example repository.
  • WG-41484 Provided new C# WAAPI client, which offers a better programmer experience.
  • WG-41562 Added game object shortcut menu to the Voice Inspector's Game Objects and Voices List panel.
  • WG-42050 Added "Reset Column Widths to Default" shortcut menu option to the header of the Voice Inspector's Contribution List panel.
  • WG-42545 Updated Voice Inspector to have attenuation rows display ray icons rather than game object icons, and to replace game object separation character from "|" to "-->".
  • WG-42649 Removed unreferenced skin files that had unsupported characters in their names.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-40521 Fixed: Crash when disconnecting an ASIO device while an ASIO source is playing.
  • WG-41128 Fixed: (Linux) DSP plug-ins do not load.
  • WG-41602 Fixed: Voice Inspector does not report Modulators on the correct source object.
  • WG-42103 Fixed: Project Load Log perpetually displays the same errors caused by curve range.
  • WG-42220 Fixed: The search of the Voice Inspector's contribution list does not work as expected.
  • WG-42229 Fixed: Voice Inspector does not report music transition fade-ins or fade-outs.
  • WG-42234 Fixed: Voice Inspector reports incorrect values for Music Segment LPF and HPF envelopes.
  • WG-42235 Renamed "Automation" contributions to "Music Segment Envelope" in the Voice Inspector Contribution List.
  • WG-42238 Fixed: Assert in music fade-ins and fade-outs while using the Voice Inspector.
  • WG-42278 Fixed: User-Defined Auxiliary Sends are not applied when selected from browser with active filter.
  • WG-42284 Fixed: Crash when dragging an item from a Voice/SFX's Contents Editor to the Dialogue Event Editor.
  • WG-42286 Fixed: The list in the Voice Inspector's Game Object and Voices List panel collapses when using the filter.
  • WG-42368 Fixed: Assert in Multi Editor while browsing for a music transition's source/destination object.
  • WG-42393 Fixed: Values reported by the Voice Inspector for global RTPCs on Switch Containers.
  • WG-42406 Fixed: Live edits of auxiliary sends not reported in the Voice Inspector.
  • WG-42414 Fixed: Scrolling down a list containing Edit fields sometimes incorrectly changes the Edit field value.
  • WG-42426 Fixed: Hovering over elements in the Schematic View causes the tooltip to flicker.
  • WG-42440 Fixed: Occasional data loss when generating SoundBanks while REV2 Source Editor view is open.
  • WG-42473 Fixed: Fade in/out on MIDI notes not reported in Voice Inspector if triggered from a State change.
  • WG-42504 Fixed: Rare crash when viewing Game Object trails in RTPC tab.
  • WG-42506 Fixed: Rare crash when interacting with the Schematic View.
  • WG-42526 Fixed: Refresh issues with Attenuation values reported by the Voice Inspector when scrolling the timeline.
  • WG-42613 Fixed: Invalid connection LPF and HPF values on uninitialized filters in release builds.
  • WG-42615 Fixed: Assert when posting Stop Event then a trigger on the same music in the same frame.
  • WG-42627 Fixed: Crash when deleting top item in search results then recreating the same item.
  • WG-42635 Fixed: Crash in Voice Inspector when transitioning from a feedback loop.
  • WG-42653 Fixed: Schematic View flickers when resized.
  • WG-42654 Fixed: The Make-up Gain property is not applied to busses in-game.
  • WG-42683 Fixed: The Generate SoundBanks view's Progress bar is unresponsive.
  • WG-42721 Fixed: XAudio2 hang on termination.
  • WG-42724 Fixed: The Auxiliary Bus dotted path is not always distinguishable in the Voices Graph tab.
  • WG-42763 Fixed: Possible crash when deleting objects while in the Audio Preferences view.
  • WG-42807 Fixed: Advanced Profiler Voices Graph is unnecessarily wide.
  • WG-42824 Fixed: Possible concurrency issues with XAudio2 sink.
  • WG-42826 Fixed: Out-of-memory crash in SpatialAudio::SetGeometry().
  • WG-42858 Fixed: In some Spatial Audio error messages, game objects IDs are truncated to 32 bits.
  • WG-42860 Fixed: Opus audio conversion temporary cached files accumulating over interrupted conversion sessions.
  • WG-42866 Fixed: SoundbanksInfo.xml erroneously reports a maximum Attenuation Distance on Events that contain both 2D and 3D attenuated sounds.
  • WG-42879 Fixed: Crash in Source Editor when inspecting object with missing source.
  • WG-42884 Fixed: In certain circumstances within Spatial Audio, a diffraction path that goes directly through a portal can report 100% diffraction instead of %0 due to floating point inaccuracies.
  • WG-42887 Fixed: Importing the Motion Factory Presets fails to properly route the Motion Effects to a proper Motion Device.
  • WG-42888 Fixed: SetOutputVolume reported as SetSecondaryOutputVolume in API profiling.
  • WG-42908 Fixed: Possible crash in release builds using 3D Automation with trigger rate Random Containers.
  • WG-42935 Fixed: Out-of-bounds memory read in AkArrayAllocatorAlignedSimd::ReAlloc.
  • WG-43012 Fixed: Spatial Audio Geometry is not properly removed in the Integration Demo.
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