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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2019.2.7

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2019.2.6 and version 2019.2.7.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

API Changes

  • WG-51210 Greater range of values accepted in SetGameObjectAuxValues and SetGameObjectOutputBusVolume. The new multiplier range is between 0 and 16, and values are clamped when outside this range.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-51201 Increased the default monitor queue size to 1024 kb.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-49304 Fixed: Tab delimited or WAAPI audio file import ignores the audio source name when specified.
  • WG-49918 Fixed: Mastering Suite graph axis ranges do not match their corresponding property's value range.
  • WG-49940 Fixed: Artifacts heard when changing a parameter in real-time in Mastering Suite.
  • WG-49974 Fixed: Mastering Suite transfer curve graph does not display ratio in logarithmic scale (base 10).
  • WG-49975 Fixed: Mastering Suite Limiter parameter sliders are not granular enough.
  • WG-50165 Fixed: Momentary UI freeze in Authoring when certain DirectInput devices are connected to the computer.
  • WG-50829 Fixed: Cannot scroll to the end of the Assigned Object list (Switch Container) when there is a very large number of objects.
  • WG-50834 Fixed: Mastering Suite Channel Link button in the Master Volume module does not have a tooltip.
  • WG-50889 Fixed: Find all references on attenuation does not work with bus and aux bus.
  • WG-50980 Fixed: Audio cut out due to division by zero in Spatial Audio Diffraction code path.
  • WG-51024 Fixed: When Virtual Folders are source or destination of a Music Switch transition rule, that source or destination is treated the same as the value "None".
  • WG-51035 Fixed: Mouse curser is hidden inconsistently in Mastering Suite.
  • WG-51049 Fixed: Tab delimited or WAAPI audio file import creates duplicate event actions when using the replace mode.
  • WG-51050 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Low diffraction and transmission LPF/HPF values can result in sounds with boosted volume when the output bus filter is enabled.
  • WG-51066 Fixed: Mastering Suite color palette does not update properly when changing theme.
  • WG-51166 Fixed: Assert when preparing media using a deferred I/O implementation.
  • WG-51188 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Error in portal-plane intersection calculation causes an assert and incorrect portal opening if a triangle's plane is parallel with the portal axis.
  • WG-51192 Fixed: 3D positioning of multi-channel sounds using large spread and large focus values results in unexpected panning.
  • WG-51208 Fixed: iZotope Trash Box Modeler may function incorrectly with certain Sound Engine buffer sizes.
  • WG-51222 Fixed: Manually editing the number of bands in Mastering Suite can lead to erroneous crossover frequencies.
  • WG-51239 Fixed: ASIO Input plug-in is silent when encoding is 24-bit.
  • WG-51259 Fixed: Spatial Audio Rooms cause unnecessary re-evaluation of the Voice Graph on every update.
  • WG-51303 Fixed: Mastering Suite errors introduced on platforms that have audio frame sizes not a multiple of 4 samples.
  • WG-51314 Fixed: Mastering Suite memory leak in Wwise Authoring when toggling the Effect's enable check box.
  • WG-51404 Fixed: Wwise sets a reference to the System Audio Device for all busses under a Virtual Folder.
  • WG-51444 Fixed: Mastering Suite's Master Volume channel unlinking and linking can result in inconsistent relative volumes.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-51498 Fixed: Missing functions in the AK::SoundEngine namespace reference page.

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