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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2021.1.11

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2021.1.10 and version 2021.1.11.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-54953 Added support for metering of Loudness and True Peak values on busses performing Audio Object processing.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-60486 Improved error messages when new assets fail to import.
  • WG-62612 The Wwise Authoring application now provides hints to the system to use the high performance graphics mode for AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-59700 Fixed: Possible crash in the Game Object 3d Viewer when resetting the 3D device.
  • WG-60212 Fixed: Crash after attempting to load an incompatible Profiler session after a first successful session load.
  • WG-60692 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) When a new sound plays, Room Game Objects do not update their sound paths until the listener moves.
  • WG-61178 Fixed: Possible Wwise crash when pressing the Enter key immediately after adding an Effect.
  • WG-61209 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Portal occlusion on room tones is applied twice in the signal path.
  • WG-61328 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) SetGameObjectRadius does not update paths until the listener moves.
  • WG-61397 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) A diffraction path might be cut off before the end of a sound's attenuation radius if it passes through a portal that has a large width.
  • WG-61595 Fixed: Connecting Wwise to a game overwrites the game's Effect bypass values set by Event Actions.
  • WG-61684 Fixed: ( Crash when discovering installation directory for Visual Studio 2015.
  • WG-61691 Fixed: Possible crash when connecting the profiler to a remote platform.
  • WG-61781 Fixed: Possible case where WAV markers are ignored when playing original file in Wwise.
  • WG-62116 Fixed: System Audio Objects sometimes disappear from Audio Device meter.
  • WG-62433 Fixed: Low-pass filter label overlaps the control.
  • WG-62788 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Direct path incorrectly bends behind the listener when an emitter is in the same room and the listener is close to an off-centered portal.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-52903 Fixed: Project Explorer doesn't restore expanded states correctly.
  • WG-59422 Fixed: Crash when combining finite Sequence Containers that have Trigger rate transitions with Blend Containers that have Initial Delays.
  • WG-60577 Fixed: Crash when deleting a Music Track while its volume slider is active.
  • WG-60602 Fixed: Out-of-bounds memory access when encoding very small (<960 samples) sources with WEM Opus.
  • WG-60945 Fixed: Game-Defined Auxiliary Sends don't get regular updates from RTPCs on busses.
  • WG-60969 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Any emitter using diffraction can become inaudible when the listener position overlaps a portal.
  • WG-61127 Fixed: Crash in CAkListener::MultiDirectionGainCorrectionForObjects during low-memory scenarios.
  • WG-61304 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Diffraction path might be dropped and transmission loss goes to 0% when listener and emitter are in different rooms but on the same side of a portal.
  • WG-61508 Fixed: SoundBank metadata Max attenuation for Events does not take Post Event actions into account.
  • WG-61597 Fixed: Streaming media can be stopped if inspected by the garbage collector at the wrong time. Added more detailed logs to the AkUnrealIOHook.
  • WG-61634 Fixed: Crash when inspecting an RTPC or State from the Multi Editor or the default plug-in property list.
  • WG-61655 Fixed: Calling AK::SoundEngine::ReplaceOutput with an Audio Device ShareSet of 0 can cause audio loss if the old output Audio Device is connected to multiple audio busses.
  • WG-61686 Fixed: External Editor doesn't work on Music Clips and Music MIDI Clips in the Segment Editor.
  • WG-61687 Fixed: WAQL originalFilePath doesn't work for MusicClip and MusicMidiClip.
  • WG-61706 Fixed: Crash when Opus sounds start in virtual mode.
  • WG-61727 Fixed: A nested Music Switch Container doesn't switch to the correct child when the parent Switch Container has an active Transition with a positive Offset.
  • WG-61850 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Any emitter using diffraction can become inaudible when the listener position overlaps a portal.
  • WG-61981 Fixed: Crash due to memory stomp inside of CAkTransitionManager::TermList when shutting down the sound engine.
  • WG-62017 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) AKASSERT(portalPath.IsEnabled()) in the function AkAcousticRoom::InitContributingPortalPaths.
  • WG-62057 Fixed: Erroneous Seek Table Absence warnings occur when replaying Vorbis files from the beginning.
  • WG-62149 Fixed: Imported SoundBank files can be linked with the wrong WwiseAddressableSoundbank if the former's name is a substring of the latter.
  • WG-62150 Fixed: Using S-Curve Interpolation on RTPC curves provides values outside the specified range in some cases. For example, it might generate negative values for Spread or LPF/HPF factors when the curve should stop at 0.
  • WG-62177 Fixed: Setting a bus configuration to Same as passthrough mix when 3D Audio is available but passthrough is not available sets the bus configuration to Audio Objects instead of setting it to the Audio Device's main mix.
  • WG-62358 Fixed: Crash due to stack overflow originating from CAkVPL3dMixable::GetVolumes in some scenarios.
  • WG-62383 Fixed: File Packager takes a long time to complete when there are many excluded memory files in a single SoundBank.

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