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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2022.1.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2022.1 and version 2022.1.1.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-62553 In the Project Explorer, scroll position and the expand/collapse state of objects are now also saved for Pinned views.

API Changes

  • WG-62173 Replaced the deprecated option –header-file-path with the new option –root-output-path in:
    • Waapi operation ak.wwise.cli.generateSoundbank
    • WwiseConsole operation generate-soundbank

Behavior Changes

  • WG-62043 (Spatial Audio) Improved behavior of portals that aren't centered between rooms.

Performance Changes

  • WG-61463 Improved performance when processing Events with Pause, Resume, Stop, and Break actions that target specific game objects or busses.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-54462 Fixed: Dragging windows in Wwise is noticeably laggy when using a pointing device with high polling rates.
  • WG-57142 Fixed: Elements in the Playlist of a Sequence Container are not properly aligned horizontally for some font sizes.
  • WG-57552 Fixed: Sorting image sources in the Reflect Effect Editor causes cursor flags to disappear in the graph.
  • WG-60993 Fixed: Possible assert in Wwise when selecting a current object while a Control Surface Session is in Learning mode.
  • WG-61593 Fixed: ak.wwise.core.audioSourcePeaks.getMinMaxPeaksInRegion ignores the channel override on the source.
  • WG-62060 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Room Extent is not updated when moving a room associated with a disabled triangle geometry.
  • WG-62152 Fixed: Error report tool crashes when clicking the Help button.
  • WG-62322 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Unexpected diffraction path from portals is retained when transitioning between rooms.
  • WG-62372 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) A path from an emitter is sometimes dropped when the emitter moves through a portal.
  • WG-62378 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Diffraction paths are occasionally dropped if part of the first edge is occluded from the perspective of the listener.
  • WG-62387 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Diffraction paths are not created when a distance probe moves while the listener is stationary outside of max distance.
  • WG-62388 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Room previously associated with AkGeometry is not updated properly.
  • WG-62399 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Direct path incorrectly bends behind the listener when an emitter is in the same room and the listener is close to an off-centered portal.
  • WG-62414 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Orphaned paths can appear in the Game Object 3D Viewer if all portals are removed from a room.
  • WG-62497 Fixed: Invalid float value warning when calling SetRTPCValue() for HFDamping.
  • WG-62526 Fixed: Slight glitching sound occurs when minimizing (suspending) the application while playing any audio.
  • WG-62571 Fixed: The expand/collapse state of objects isn't always properly restored when changing the current Selection Channel from within a Project Explorer view.
  • WG-62584 Fixed: False error reports in Profiler: "Duplicated media has different length in bank."
  • WG-62633 Fixed: Wwise Addressables disabled on server build by default.
  • WG-62699 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Crash with geometries that have complex edge topology.
  • WG-62763 Fixed: Wwise crashes when copying an object into the playlist of a Sequence Container.
  • WG-62768 Fixed: Adding an Interactive Music object into the playlist of a Sequence Container.
  • WG-62794 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Unexpected direct paths come from portals when there's already a diffracted path.
  • WG-62836 Fixed: Possible crash when using Paste Properties to copy an object list to one or more target objects.
  • WG-62878 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Transmission paths can appear to bend while a listener is close to a portal.
  • WG-62886 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Diffraction paths can be lost when the listener or emitters are in the corners of portals with large gaps between openings.
  • WG-62959 Fixed: Voice Inspector contributor view not always updated when viewing a Voice on an HDR Bus.
  • WG-63113 Fixed: Possible crash when deleting objects that are used in a Mixing Desk session.
  • WG-63116 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) A deadlock encountered when updating a geometry set that overlaps a portal.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-54673 Fixed: Adding an emitter-listener association programmatically where the emitter is a 3D bus only takes effect for new sounds going through that bus.
  • WG-59739 Fixed: When no volume attenuation curve is specified for an auxiliary send for a voice, but there is an occlusion or transmission curve set, and the 3D Position is set to Listener with Automation or Hold Emitter Position and Orientation, this results in asserts, and the auxiliary send volume of the voice is set to zero.
  • WG-60853 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) It is possible to have a quieter path chosen over a louder path if that path is shorter and has portal obstruction applied to it.
  • WG-61178 Fixed: Possible Wwise crash when pressing the Enter key immediately after adding an Effect.
  • WG-61686 Fixed: External Editor doesn't work on Music Clips and Music MIDI Clips in the Segment Editor.
  • WG-61687 Fixed: WAQL originalFilePath doesn't work for MusicClip and MusicMidiClip.
  • WG-61709 Fixed: Crash when loading a project with unresolved control input in an RTPC.
  • WG-61812 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Room transmission loss is always applied when the Listener and Emitter are separated by an open portal and any other geometry.
  • WG-61981 Fixed: Crash due to memory stomp inside of CAkTransitionManager::TermList when shutting down the sound engine.
  • WG-62011 Fixed: Possible crash when renaming folders in the File Manager.
  • WG-62057 Fixed: Erroneous Seek Table Absence warnings occur when replaying Vorbis files from the beginning.
  • WG-62150 Fixed: Using S-Curve Interpolation on RTPC curves provides values outside the specified range in some cases. For example, it might generate negative values for Spread or LPF/HPF factors when the curve should stop at 0.
  • WG-62177 Fixed: Setting a bus configuration to Same as passthrough mix when 3D Audio is available but passthrough is not available sets the bus configuration to Audio Objects instead of setting it to the Audio Device's main mix.
  • WG-62358 Fixed: Crash due to stack overflow originating from CAkVPL3dMixable::GetVolumes in some scenarios.
  • WG-62540 Fixed: Wwise could crash when playing a continuous Blend Container triggered by a Random Container using a delay, and with a sound instance limit.
  • WG-62672 Fixed: Memory reallocation errors in Sound Engine when accumulating Voice Inspector data.
  • WG-62703 Fixed: Crash when generating SoundBanks with certain RTPCs.
  • WG-62780 Fixed: SetBasePath returns Ak_PathNotFound for all locations in an OBB file on Android.
  • WG-62791 Fixed: Perforce Submit dialog freezes for a long time when opening a large project.
  • WG-62952 Fixed: Project load freezes in Loading Layouts stage for large projects.

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