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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2022.1.4

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2022.1.3 and version 2022.1.4.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-64101 Added new sound engine API AK::SoundEngine::SetJobMgrMaxActiveWorkers. After the Job Manager in the sound engine is initialized, this API can be used to dynamically modify the maximum number of worker requests that the Job Manager will issue, without having to reinitialize the sound engine.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-59939 Fixed: Minimize and Maximize icons for Object Tab secondary editor are not clear enough.
  • WG-62367 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Spread cones are missing from the Game Object 3D Viewer when starting and stopping sounds.
  • WG-63907 Fixed: Highlighted nodes have a transparent border in the Schematic view.
  • WG-63930 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Reflections off of a surface that is exactly coincident with another surface are intermittent and unstable.
  • WG-64263 Fixed: Changes to the curve of an RTPC-bound Switch aren't always updated immediately. In some cases, the old curve is used until reloading.
  • WG-64614 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Possible crashes when low on memory.
  • WG-64661 Fixed: Possible crash when switching Object Tabs quickly.
  • WG-64663 Fixed: Possible assert in AkMediaEntry under low-memory conditions.
  • WG-64718 Fixed: Modulators on the Voice Volume and Makeup Gain bus properties are not applied.
  • WG-64742 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Reduced performance in the stochastic engine when calculating diffraction rays inside a room, due to an error in a ray length calculation.
  • WG-64781 Fixed: SoundBanks do not contain a music object's MIDI target hierarchy when the MIDI target is specified by the music object's ancestry.
  • WG-64957 Fixed: Media ID validation is done slightly too late during project load. This only impacts local playback in Wwise Authoring.
  • WG-64982 Fixed: Missing tooltips when hovering over list headers.
  • WG-65017 Fixed: Possible deadlock in AK::JobMgr::WorkUntilDone when the sound engine is running with AkJobMgrSettings::fnRequestJobWorker set.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-61946 Fixed: Some memory addresses are not sufficiently aligned.
  • WG-63863 Fixed: (WAAPI) Not all dialogs are suppressed in automation mode when doing import operations on a project under source control.
  • WG-64015 Fixed: Crash when issuing multiple close commands to Wwise during a Perforce source control operation.
  • WG-64424 Fixed: Adding an RTPC curve using a built-in parameter on a playing sound causes the effect of the curve to be incorrectly accumulated.
  • WG-64495 Fixed: Crash during Ak3DAudioMixer::TriageAndMix in low-memory scenarios.
  • WG-64496 Fixed: Music Switch Containers are not packaged into SoundBanks correctly when the container includes a switch target that is not a child of the container in the project hierarchy.
  • WG-64632 Fixed: Possible crash when clicking an object in Project Explorer.
  • WG-64669 Fixed: Deadlock in Transitions of a Music Playlist Container that do not validate essential property values.
  • WG-64683 Fixed: SoundBank GameSync exclusions don't work with Interactive Music objects.
  • WG-64849 Fixed: Some bus structures with Listener Relative Routing can create situations where two Master Audio Busses erroneously send to the same Output Device twice in one tick, resulting in lost audio or other errors.
  • WG-64881 Fixed: Possible deadlock in AK::JobMgr::Internal::JobPool_initEntry.
  • WG-64898 Fixed: Music Stinger parent object(s) not packaged in SoundBanks.
  • WG-64919 Fixed: Crash due to invalid memory access in CAkURenderer::RemoveFromActiveNodes after performing Stop All action.
  • WG-64949 Fixed: Continuous Switch Containers sometimes leave an extra sound playing when the initial switch isn't set before initial playback. Also, when two different instances are playing on the same game object, switching results in only one instance playing on the switch.

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