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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2023.1.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2023.1 and version 2023.1.1.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-66885 Added a Meter Minimum slider to the Meter Settings dialog and changed the default minimum volume from -48dB to -72dB.
  • WG-67361 You can now enable console output with the AK_OUTPUT_REDIRECT environment variable.
  • WG-68992 Added a new setting for sound engine integrations that use Wwise's default implementation of rpmalloc for memory management: AkMemSettings::uVMSpanCount and AkMemSettings::uDeviceSpanCount. This allows for further adjustment of rpmalloc's behavior when mapping and unmapping blocks of memory in order to reduce how much memory is reserved by Wwise. Savings as great as 50-100 MiB in the total amount of memory reserved over time have been observed. For more information, refer to Tuning "Span Count".
  • WG-69110 Added Follow Object Selection option to the Project Explorer Selection Channel menu.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-69641 Adjusted the default setting for AkJobMgrSettings.uMemorySlabSize from 8KiB to 4KiB to prevent instability due to some memory systems not guaranteeing alignment greater than 4KiB.

Performance Changes

  • WG-67235 Significantly improved the performance of the 3D Audio Bed Mixer Effect plug-in and the 3D Audio triage process for System Audio Devices when processing many Audio Objects.
  • WG-68277 Significantly improved the performance of busses during audio rendering when processing many Audio Objects.
  • WG-69025 Audio Objects buses with exclusive incoming connections will no longer cause spikes in Temp Alloc memory usage when processing incoming Audio Objects that are in their AK_NoMoreData state.
  • WG-69026 Reduced lock contention of Temp Alloc memory system when multiple threads request blocks of memory simultaneously.
  • WG-69501 Removed short-lived memory allocations in the Object category coming from CAkVolumeRayComponent::GetRayVolumeData.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-67387 Added new "Channels Demo" section to Integration Demo.
  • WG-69249 Added two new presets to the Mastering Suite factory presets: "Night Mode Strong", an even more aggressive version of the "Night Mode" preset, as well as "Home Cinema Height Boost", a version of "Home Cinema" intended to emphasize audio in the height channels. To re-import the Mastering Suite presets, first, copy any modified ShareSets from the existing Factory Mastering Suite Work Unit into a separate Work Unit. Then, delete the Factory Mastering Suite Work Unit and import the Mastering Suite Factory Presets.
  • WG-69387 Added Ambisonics 4th and 5th order to the list of channel configurations in AK ASIO plug-in.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-63963 Fixed: Timing values reported in the CPU tab of the Advanced Profiler are incorrect by a large factor in some scenarios.
  • WG-67683 Fixed: Possible infinite hang in AK::JobMgr::WorkUntilDone when running the sound engine in multi-core execution.
  • WG-67849 Fixed: In the Conversion Settings Editor, buttons aren't always properly enabled or disabled.
  • WG-68183 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Paths to unreachable rooms sometimes remain in the Game Object 3D Viewer when Show Active Voices Only is unselected.
  • WG-68211 Fixed: Voice Inspector contribution icon is incorrect in some scenarios.
  • WG-68218 Fixed: Attempting to stop a Switch Container in Continuous Play Mode on a specific Playing ID can stop other instances of this sound playing simultaneously on the same game object.
  • WG-68299 Fixed: Saving a project after removing a platform can corrupt unlinked Object Lists (for example, Effects list).
  • WG-68344 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) A room tone from a Reverb Zone sometimes pans suddenly to one side when the Listener moves between two transition regions surfaces.
  • WG-68367 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Consecutive diffraction points are sometimes identical.
  • WG-68387 Fixed: Stream Name is restricted to 16 char in the Streams tab of the Advanced Profiler.
  • WG-68462 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Spread and position of transmission paths are incorrect for Rooms that have transparent surfaces but are not Reverb Zones.
  • WG-68511 Fixed: Replacing a Convolution Reverb IR file with another of the same length does not register as a change.
  • WG-68515 Fixed: Crash when using very short IR (<10ms) in AK Convolution Reverb.
  • WG-68629 Fixed: Crash when sound engine errors are printed in Unity.
  • WG-68644 Fixed: It's possible to unlink Render and Bypass from an Effect slot in Multi Editor.
  • WG-68674 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Asserts are triggered when loading certain mesh types, including those with large edges, or edges far from the local origin.
  • WG-68717 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) An assert is triggered when geometry is passed to Spatial Audio that has colinear edges that are attached to both transparent and opaque surfaces.
  • WG-68741 Fixed: Slightly negative values can be shown in CPU tab of the Advanced Profiler.
  • WG-68756 Fixed: Streams tab in the Advanced Profiler shows numbers instead of file names.
  • WG-68775 Fixed: Window meter doesn't update in the HDR tab of the Property Editor for audio busses.
  • WG-68794 Fixed: Loudness normalization wrongly attributed to Voice Volume in Voice Inspector.
  • WG-68882 Fixed: (WAAPI) ak.soundengine.postMsgMonitor writes an error instead of a message to the Capture Log.
  • WG-69059 Fixed: Assert when opening the Meter and Loudness Meter settings panels in the Debug version of Wwise Authoring.
  • WG-69117 Fixed: Audio Object IDs are not reset if the sound engine is initialized multiple times during a single process.
  • WG-69190 Fixed: Crash when dragging a source's trim points that creates an invalid trim area.
  • WG-69201 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Abrupt volume change when crossing Portals due to differences in path distances to the same room.
  • WG-69220 Fixed: Crashes during playback of Sequence and Random Containers with sample-accurate transitions containing sounds streamed from disk without any "zero-latency" prefetched data while multi-core rendering is enabled.
  • WG-69230 Fixed: Possible crash in AK::JobMgr::Internal::JobManager_workerFunction during sound engine termination.
  • WG-69290 Fixed: Possible crash when modifying the contents of a nested Sequence Container.
  • WG-69405 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Possible crash when Reverb Zones are dynamically moved over Portals.
  • WG-69596 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Cannot update Transition Region Width when Reverb Zone is attached to a portal.
  • WG-69624 Fixed: Align field not present in SoundBank Metadata file for plug-in media.
  • WG-69638 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) It is possible to create a circular Reverb Zone hierarchy, resulting in an infinite loop.
  • WG-69644 Fixed: Converted files are evaluated and created when inspecting music hierarchy in Play Originals mode.
  • WG-69895 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Updating a Reverb Zone with a new parent Room may trigger an assert.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-52007 Fixed: In the Music Segment Editor, it's not possible to snap to Beats/Bars or Cues when all tracks are excluded or when there are no tracks.
  • WG-65485 Fixed: (WAAPI) ak.wwise.core.object.setLinked works with references but not with properties.
  • WG-66902 Fixed: Crash in CAkParameterNode::IsOrIsChildOf() when descendant nodes of a container have been unloaded.
  • WG-67373 Fixed: Source Editor shows duplicate of Channel Configuration 7.1.4 in the Channel Config Override list.
  • WG-67691 Fixed: Using the –soundbank-path option of WwiseConsole generate-soundbank fails to generate the SoundBanks if they already existed elsewhere .
  • WG-68291 Fixed: Function StartProfilerCapture can lead to a crash if the Wwise Profiler is also connected.
  • WG-68330 Fixed: (WAAPI) Topic is not published under certain conditions.
  • WG-68342 Fixed: There is no isIncluded WAAPI/WAQL accessor that considers the Inclusion property of an object's ancestors.
  • WG-68391 Fixed: Wrong volumes are applied to non-mixing busses when the hierarchy contains either a Blend Container or a Switch Container and two nodes are writing the bus output to the same output.
  • WG-68719 Fixed: RTPC changes to the Playback Speed property are not applied correctly on MIDI clips.
  • WG-68803 Fixed: Distorted output when building Vorbis decoder library with VS 2022 17.7 or later.
  • WG-68832 Fixed: Crash when swapping zero-latency streamed PCM media.
  • WG-68953 Fixed: Crash when scheduling a music transition reversal.
  • WG-69000 Fixed: Changing the Custom Transition Time of a State Group has no effect.
  • WG-69005 Fixed: Plug-ins receive runtime string parameters as a Pascal string instead of a null-terminated C string.
  • WG-69126 Fixed: Crash when copy-pasting a Music Track that has Track Type set to Switch.
  • WG-69334 Fixed: Running a Compressor or Expander Effect on an Audio Objects bus that is processing only one multi-channel Audio Object only performs compression or expansion on the first channel of the Audio Object.
  • WG-69404 Fixed: Removed inappropriate assert in the code.
  • WG-69444 Fixed: Crash in CAkModulatorData::IsEmpty when using hardware codecs (for example, Opus) with multicore processing.
  • WG-69481 Fixed: Incomplete support for C++20 in Premake scripts.
  • WG-69666 Fixed: Possible crash when adding a Sub-Track using the keyboard shortcut.
  • WG-69675 Fixed: Crash when recovering from a hardware failure in the hardware Opus decoder.
  • WG-69769 Fixed: List View and Multi Editor don't show inherited values for game-defined auxiliary sends.

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