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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2023.1.3

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2023.1.2 and version 2023.1.3.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-70303 Added option use-user-overrides to the generate-soundbank action of Wwise Console. This option allows SoundBank generation through Wwise Console to use per-user override settings, such as custom SoundBank paths. As before, SoundBank generation through Wwise Console only uses the common Project Settings by default.
  • WG-70475 Added support for the inclusion of environment variables, similar to the the Soundbank Generation Step Commands to the project settings defining the folder paths of Original Audio Files, Cached Audio Files, and External Sources Output Paths. Added a new dialog to assist with defining these paths.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-70494 Enabled Visual Studio 2022 build of Level 3 source code.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-55590 Fixed: Spatial Audio API call information in Capture Log is inadequate.
  • WG-65549 Fixed: Leftover directory watcher threads when opening and closing a project in quick succession.
  • WG-67996 Fixed: Music Segment exit cue position is not automatically adjusted when importing multiple tracks or when importing short audio files.
  • WG-68199 Fixed: The playlist of a Sequence Container does not update on a change to the playlist of a descendant Sequence Container.
  • WG-68243 Fixed: Client information (name, email, company) entered in the Error Reporter does not persist.
  • WG-68268 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Room Transmission Loss incorrectly applied for listeners crossing a gap between rooms.
  • WG-69203 Fixed: (Mac Authoring) Text edit fields do not update text when editing.
  • WG-70415 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) In some scenarios, a path from a Reverb Zone transition region does not fade in or out when transitioning through a Portal.
  • WG-70481 Fixed: The Link Channels button of the Mastering Suite Master Volume module is not synchronized correctly across multiple views.
  • WG-70505 Fixed: Possible crash when copying the rows of a list with reordered columns.
  • WG-70521 Fixed: Possible crash or hang when filtering the Capture Log with a large text string.
  • WG-70548 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) If a Reverb Zone transition region overlaps a Portal transition region, the Reverb Zone fades out and then abruptly cuts back in as the listener leaves the Reverb Zone and transitions through the Portal.
  • WG-70566 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) SearchStochasticPath() assert is invalid.
  • WG-70618 Fixed: Project does not automatically reload after you change the Original Audio Files and Cached Audio Files path configurations.
  • WG-70646 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) An assert is triggered when a game object exits a Portal in the gap between two Rooms.
  • WG-70672 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) When a room tone plays in an adjacent Room behind a Portal, Room transmission loss is not interpolated across a Reverb Zone transition region.
  • WG-70717 Fixed: In Performance Monitor Settings, clicking in a field does not select all the text in it.
  • WG-70770 Fixed: Assertion failure in AkRingBuffer when running in Debug on ARM-based CPUs.
  • WG-70812 Fixed: Playback of newly created Random Container in Wwise Authoring does not work when a child is relocated and brought back.
  • WG-70874 Fixed: Crash on exit of WaveViewer.exe.
  • WG-70989 Fixed: Changes to the bus hierarchy in Wwise Authoring might not be reflected during playback.
  • WG-71069 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Incorrect spread and diffraction values calculated for Reverb Zones when the Reverb Zone surrounds a Room containing the listener and is connected by a portal.
  • WG-71089 Fixed: Changes to Stingers or Transitions are not applied immediately in Wwise Authoring.
  • WG-71096 Fixed: The OK button is unavailable in the External Sources tab of the User SoundBank Settings when a path is chosen using the browse button.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-63424 Fixed: Possible crash when using the slider control.
  • WG-68493 Fixed: The Project Load Log has entries for duplicate IRConvolutionStop property values when loading a project with missing Convolution Reverb WAV files.
  • WG-69622 Fixed: Overridden SoundBank paths in User SoundBank Settings point to the same platform.
  • WG-69663 Fixed: Possible crash when interacting with text fields.
  • WG-70292 Fixed: Cannot attach RTPC to Channel parameter of AK Channel Router Metadata.
  • WG-70515 Fixed: WAAPI crashes when trying to access the state properties of an AudioFileSource.
  • WG-70518 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) The SetReverbZone API fails to set a dirty flag when called in isolation, potentially resulting in incorrect spread and diffraction values for Reverb Zones.
  • WG-70586 Fixed: Hang after several minutes of uninterrupted execution of the Harmonizer plug-in.
  • WG-70643 Fixed: Music Switch Entries get new IDs when Work Unit is reloaded.
  • WG-70692 Fixed: Crash during rendering of virtual voices with AK_EnableGetSourceStreamBuffering enabled.
  • WG-70728 Fixed: Crash in Wwise Authoring when storing WAV file data in cache.
  • WG-70738 Fixed: Compressor and Expander Effect plug-ins raise a floating-point exception or give non-deterministic results when processing loud inputs or operating with high ratios.
  • WG-70838 Fixed: Transition time for fade-in, fade-out, and positioning automation is not accurate. The transition duration is off by up to 6% of the transition length.
  • WG-71083 Fixed: Loudness Normalization not functioning properly in the Interactive Music Hierarchy.
  • WG-71095 Fixed: Unbalanced Pin/UnpinEventInStreamCache calls lead to deadlock on sound engine termination.

Documentation Improvements

  • WG-69244 Added a description of the Normalization driver in the Voice Inspector.
  • WG-69566 Added information about External Editor Start Mode options in Managing external editors for audio.
  • WG-70375 Improved IAkLowLevelIOHook documentation.
  • WG-71118 Reorganized content throughout Wwise Help so that there are fewer pages and more information per page. For example, Using Presets is now documented on one page instead of six.

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