Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Sound Engine Integration Walkthrough

Using the Wwise SDK to integrate the Wwise sound engine into your game is a process involving seven basic tasks.

1. Overview of Libraries and Header Files Contained in the SDK
It's best to begin by establishing what libraries and header files you'll need for your project.

2. Defining C++ Project Settings
Then you need to define specific settings in your C++ project.

3. Initializing Sound Engine Modules
The real work begins with initializing the memory and streaming managers, the sound engine, and communications.

4. Create Recurring Calls to Perform Audio Processing
After the different modules have been initialized, you will need to set up the recurring processing calls.

5. Terminate the Different Modules of the Sound Engine
Then you terminate all the modules you initialized.

6. Handling System-Specific Events
Don't forget to handle the various OS-specific events (applications in the background, home button, dealing with user music)

7. Integrate Wwise Elements into Your Game
As your final step, you integrate the modules you want to use in your game engine integration, such as game objects, events, and SoundBanks.

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