Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
iOS-Specific Information

This page lists requirements and special considerations for developers who use the Unreal Integration to build applications for iOS.

Building Remotely from Windows

You can build projects for iOS from a Windows system with Remote Build Options. However, some additional configuration is necessary because not all files are copied to the remote macOS system by default.

To ensure that this type of build functions correctly, you must create an RsyncProject.txt file that forces Unreal to copy the files under the /Build/Rsync/ path. The file must contain the following lines:

+ /Plugins/Wwise/ThirdParty/include/**
+ /Plugins/Wwise/ThirdParty/iOS/**

Using Unreal Audio

If you are using built-in Unreal audio in addition to Wwise on iOS, you might encounter an error that causes your game to crash or prevents it from loading. If that happens, you must either disable Unreal audio or use Using the AkAudioMixer Module.

To disable Unreal audio, ensure that the Enable Wwise SoundEngine only audio routing option is selected (see Selecting Audio Routing Options for more information).

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