Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation

Unreal Engine

Each release of the Unreal Wwise plug-in is customized for certain versions of the Unreal Engine. Be sure to use one of the supported versions of the Unreal Engine, as indicated in Release Notes 2023.1.4.8496.3012

Unreal Project Defaults

The Wwise Unreal Integration does not support Blueprint-only Unreal projects. During project creation, you must select the C++ Project Default, although you can add Blueprints to your C++ projects later. Refer to Creating a New Project for more information about project creation and Project Defaults.


This plug-in is based on Wwise 2023.1.4 build 8496; while it is possible to use an alternate version of the Wwise SDK, modifications to the plug-in code might be necessary.


This plug-in has been tested on Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and tvOS. Modifications might be required to target other platforms.

Note that to ease cross-platform development, it is mandatory to have installed the Windows and Mac Wwise SDKs before installing the Unreal Wwise plug-in.

Development Environment Setup

Refer to the Unreal Engine documentation.

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