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Where are banks located when I generate them from the Unreal editor or when cooking?

By default, they are located in the following location:


Some banks containing language assets might be in language-specific folders.

Why does SoundBank generation in Unreal create more banks than SoundBank generation in Wwise?

When importing a SoundBank definition file, Unreal might ask Wwise to generate banks that do not exist in the Wwise project. If you want the Unreal-generated bank to persist in the Wwise project, add the command-line argument -Save when you import the SoundBank definition file.

Can I debug my code using the Wwise SoundEngine debug libraries?

Yes. You can use the Debug or DebugGame build configuration states in Unreal, which use the Wwise SoundEngine debug libraries. Refer to Unreal and Wwise SoundEngine Configurations for more information.

Why don't all of my sounds play when I run a packaged game?

If you receive an error such as Event ID not found: <id>, it is likely that a Wwise Unreal asset was excluded from the package due to "tree shaking." Refer to Packaging Requirements for more information.

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