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Known Issues

Implementation Notes and Known Issues for Wwise Unreal Integration

Cooking and Packaging

Iterative cooking is not supported in 2023.1. Unreal doesn't support our particular use case, and we are working on mitigating this issue. For now, the simplest solution is to manually delete the staged files. See

There is currently no automated way to separate assets by package. It is not possible to split languages into different optional packages, or make particular assets loadable independently. Although these features are planned, we need your feedback on your particular use cases so we can develop the most appropriate default feature set. Remember, it’s always possible to overwrite the different libraries in order to adapt the cooking functionality to your particular needs. You can also write specific rules directly in Unreal's Game - Asset Manager project preferences that would encompass the different Wwise assets in the Staging folder.

Partial Support for No Threading Mode

The Wwise Unreal Integration partially supports the -nothreading Unreal command-line parameter with the following limitations:

  • Partial support is only available for Unreal 5 or later.
  • The Wwise sound engine creates three additional threads even when -nothreading is set.
  • Slowdowns and sound problems will occur. Crashes and other problems might also occur.

Minimal testing has been done in No Threading mode, and it is therefore not appropriate for production environments.

In addition, we recommend that if you run -nothreading, you also run -nosound to completely disable the Wwise sound engine.

Known Issues

  • WG-44750 Physical Material Override on the Mesh cannot be used for Acoustic Texture assignment with an AkGeometryComponent.
  • WG-52497 The Unreal Editor might hang when modifying the Spatial Sound option on the current audio device. For example, this could occur when changing from Windows Sonic for Headphones to Off. Users who encounter this issue can disable UE Audio to prevent this hang. For more information about how to disable Unreal audio, see Combining Unreal 5 and Wwise Audio with AudioLink.
  • WG-69181 When applying "Fix issue" to a Wwise Niagara module, a crash might occur. A similar behavior occurs when using Unreal audio.
  • WG-69640 The Unreal Editor can crash if Niagara modules are loaded from a disabled plug-in. This also affects Wwise Niagara.
  • WG-69735 Only the top-most "Post Persistent Event" Niagara module plays audio.

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