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Source Control Best Practices for Integrated Projects

When you are working with a Wwise project integrated with Unity, some manual work is required to set up source control. Specifically, there are certain files and folders that we recommend you exclude from source control.

Wwise Project Files

In integrated Unity projects, Wwise project files are located in the WwiseProject folder, which is usually located in the root directory of the Unity project.

For Wwise project files, refer to Using Wwise with Your Source Control System for details. Although that page mentions Perforce and git, the same recommendations apply to other source control systems such as Unity Version Control.

If space is a major concern for your project, you can also exclude the [WwiseProjectFolder]\Assets\Wwise\API\Runtime\Plugins folder, which contains the Wwise Unity integration binaries and Wwise plug-ins. We recommend that you remove the binaries of the Wwise plug-ins you are not using.

Unity Project Files

As a general guideline, exclude all directories and files that Unity regenerates automatically. For example, Unity regenerates the Library and Temp directories, which are quite large, so there is no need to add them to source control.

Among the Wwise-specific files in the Assets\Wwise folder, exclude the AkWwiseProjectData.asset file. It is a project data cache file that the integration uses, but is not appropriate for source control.

Although every Unity project is different, the following sample ignore file is a comprehensive list of files you can safely ignore:

# Common directories
# Builds
# Autogenerated project files
# Unity3D generated meta files
# Unity3D Generated File On Crash Reports
# Crashlytics generated file
# Mac

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