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Using the Sample Blueprint

The GME Unreal SDK is bundled with a GME Blueprint Sample, which can be added to the Unreal First Person template project and examined to understand how to use GME in an Unreal project (the Wwise Unreal Integration does not support Blueprint-only Unreal projects).

Create a new Unreal First Person template project then follow these steps to use the GME Blueprint Sample with it:

  1. Copy the GME_Blueprint_Sample from <WWISE_INSTALL_PATH>/SDK/plugins/TencentGME/Unreal/GMEWWiseDemo/Content to your project Content directory.

  2. Copy the TencentGME_Wwise plugin from <WWISE_INSTALL_PATH>/SDK/plugins/TencentGME/Unreal/GMEWWiseDemo/Plugins to your project Plugins directory.

  3. Integrate Wwise into your Unreal project through the Audiokinetic Launcher. Go to the Unreal page in the Audiokinetic Launcher and click Integrate Wwise into Project and follow the steps. If your project is not listed click Browse for project from the menu button next to Recent Unreal Engine Projects and follow the steps to add it to the list.

    On the next page, for the Wwise Project Path browse to <WWISE_INSTALL_PATH>/SDK/samples/Plugins/TencentGME/IntegrationDemo/WwiseProject/GME.wproj.

  4. After Integrating Wwise into your project, right-click on the .uproject file and select Generate Visual Studio project files.

  5. Before opening the Unreal project, rebuild the editor using the generated Visual Studio solution file.

  6. Open the Unreal project, accept the Wwise Integration Migration and go to the Project Settings > Wwise - Integration Settings and set the Root Output Path to the GeneratedSoundbanks of the GME Wwise project set in step 3.

  7. Open the Level Blueprint.

  8. Add the GME Blueprint to the Viewport.

    • Add the Event BeginPlay node.

    • Add a Create Widget node.

    • Under the Class input, select Home Widget Blueprint.

    • Add a Add to Viewport node.

    • Connect the execution signal of these three nodes and the Widget Return Value to the Target of the Add to Viewport node.

  9. If you play the level in the editor you will be able to use the exposed GME features.

The HomeWidgetBlueprint Graph is a good example of how to initialize and use GME using Blueprints exclusively. All actions are grouped in color comment sections.

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