Adding Plug-ins to Unity and Unreal Integrations

After Installing Premium and Partner Plug-ins or Installing Community Plug-ins in a Wwise project, you must modify the associated Unity or Unreal Integration in order to use the plug-ins there.


If Wwise is not yet integrated in your Unity or Unreal Engine project, refer to Integrating Wwise into an Unreal Engine Project or Integrating Wwise into a Unity Project.

To modify your Unity or Unreal Integration:

  1. Close your Wwise and Unity or Unreal Engine projects.

  2. In the Audiokinetic Launcher, select the Unity or Unreal Engine page.

  3. Locate your project and click Modify Wwise in Project in the corresponding list.

  4. The following form opens with all fields populated. Click Modify.


    All plug-ins installed in the associated version of Wwise will be added to the Integration. To first review the list of installed plug-ins or add new plug-ins to Wwise, click the Add Plug-in to Wwise [version] button and then return to this page.

    The operation can take a few minutes to complete. A progress bar is displayed and then a message indicating the successful completion. All required libraries are now installed in your Unity or Unreal Engine Project.

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