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Lesson 1: Adding Sound
Adding Sound
Quickest Way to Enable Sound
Loading a SoundBank
Playing Your First Wwise Event
Related Video
Trigger Conditions
Adding a Trigger Condition
Restricting the Trigger Condition
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Quickest Way to Sound Integration
Lesson 2: Ambiences
Posting with AkAmbient
Related Video
Attenuation Spheres
AkAmbient Position Types
Using Large Mode
Using Multi Position Mode
Custom Volumetric Scripts
Related Video
Ambient Soundscape
Lesson 3: SoundBank Management
SoundBank Management
Managing SoundBanks in Unity
Loading SoundBanks using Triggers
Organizing SoundBanks into Individual Scenes
Decompressing SoundBanks
Decoding Compressed Data
Saving a Decoded SoundBank
Loading SoundBanks in Unity
Lesson 4: Posting Events from Script
Posting Events from a Script
Posting Events using Wwise-Types
Creating a Wwise-Type Event property
Assigning and Posting a Wwise-Type Event
Related Video
Posting Events from Animations
Related Video
Posting Audio Input
Reference Scripts
Assigning and Posting a Wwise-Type Event: PostWwiseEvent
Posting Events from Animations: PostWwiseEvent
Lesson 5: Controlling Game Syncs from Script
Controlling Game Syncs from Script
Setting States using the AkState Component
Setting Game Parameters using Wwise-Types
Related Video
Setting a Switch using a Wwise-Type
Related Video
Understanding Global and Game Object Scope
Game Parameters
Component or Script
Reference Scripts
Setting Game Parameters using Wwise-Types: SetTimeOfDayRTPC
Setting a Switch using a Wwise-Type: PostWwiseEvent
Lesson 6: Using Effects on Regions
Using Effects on Regions
Adding the AkEnvironment to a Trigger
Creating an Aux Environment
Related Video
Environments inside Environments
Environmental Effects
Lesson 7: Callbacks
Callbacks using Components
Callbacks on a Wwise-Type Event
Related Video
Activating Visual Responses using Callbacks
Reference Scripts
Callbacks on a Wwise-Type Event: PostMusic
Lesson 8: Advanced Music System
Advanced Music System
The Two-Piece Music System
Region Music Theme
Enemy Music Theme
Synchronizing Music Systems
Region Music System
Setting a Music Region State
Creating a System for Intersecting State Areas
Creating Diversity Using Game Parameters
Making an Advanced Music System
Reference Scripts
Setting a Music Region State: SetMusicState
Creating a System for Intersecting State Areas: SetMusicState
Creating Diversity Using Game Parameters: SetRTPCToDistance
Lesson 9: Making Your Own Adventure Game
Make Your Own Adventure Game
Integrating Wwise into a New Unity Project
Preparing a Unity Scene
Related Video
Certification Rundown
Completing the Wwise-301 Exam

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