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Defining the Range of Values for a Game Parameter

After you have created a Game Parameter, you must define its minimum and maximum values. In the case of a racing car, for example, the minimum and maximum speeds would be 0 and 300 km/h.

You can also specify a default Game Parameter value. This allows you to set a global value to all game objects that do not explicitly specify a particular value. The default Game Parameter value defined in Wwise will be ignored in the following situations:

  • If a game object explicitly specifies a particular value.

  • If your game programmer defines a global RTPC value in the SDK.

To define the range of values for a Game Parameter:

  1. In the Project Explorer, switch to the Game Syncs tab.

  2. In the Game Parameters section, double-click the Game Parameter whose values you want to define.

    The Game Parameter is loaded into the Property Editor.

  3. Define the parameter range by specifying minimum and maximum values.

  4. In the Default text box, specify a global value that you want game objects to use if they do not explicitly specify a particular value.