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Wwise SDK 2021.1.6

◆ AkGlobalCallbackFunc

typedef void( * AkGlobalCallbackFunc) (AK::IAkGlobalPluginContext *in_pContext, AkGlobalCallbackLocation in_eLocation, void *in_pCookie)

Callback prototype used for global callback registration. This callback may be called from various locations within the audio processing loop. The exact location from which it is called is passed in in_eLocation, and corresponds to one of the values that were passed to RegisterGlobalCallback(). See the possible values of AkGlobalCallbackLocation for more details about the available locations.

This callback is normally executed from the main audio thread. The processing time in the callback function should be minimal. Having too much processing time could cause voice starvation.
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Definition at line 369 of file AkCallback.h.