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◆ AkIOCallback

typedef void( * AkIOCallback) (AkAsyncIOTransferInfo *in_pTransferInfo, AKRESULT in_eResult)

Callback function prototype definition used for asynchronous I/O transfers between the Stream Manager and the Low-Level IO. Used with deferred I/O hooks. Notes:

  • If you pass in_eResult of AK_Fail, all streams awaiting for this transfer are marked as invalid and will stop. An "IO error" notification is posted to the capture log.
  • If the transfer was cancelled by the Stream Manager while it was in the Low-Level IO, you must return AK_Success, whether you performed the operation or not. The Stream Manager knows that it was cancelled, so it will not try to use it after you call it back.
    See also
  • AkAsyncIOTransferInfo
  • AK::StreamMgr::IAkIOHookDeferredBatch

Definition at line 125 of file AkStreamMgrModule.h.