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Wwise 101 Certification Lesson 4 - Provided Project Different than Lesson Plan?

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I'm currently taking the Wwise 101 Certification and the course materials provided differ from the step-by-step lesson plan.  When loading these lessons Wwise updates the project for my current version (2021.1.7.7796), but this time it added objects that I am supposed to create in this section. I'm not sure whether it was created/added in the version update, or if the given project files are incorrect. The beginning of the chapter focuses on attenuation curves and the curve it has me create is already created. I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this problem or if I should be expected to revert to an earlier version of Wwise. I've been continuing just renaming the variables in question, but I I'm not sure if that will cause problems down the line in this lesson. Just thought I would ask and see if anyone has run into the same problem, or whether it's a problem at all?

Here is a link to the specific page from the lesson in question:

This section has me create an attenuation object named Object_Attenuation, but my project already has that object created in a different work unit, in the same attenuations folder.  Here is a screengrab of my Project Eexplorer to show what I am talking about:

asked Mar 13, 2022 in General Discussion by Tyler K. (110 points)

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