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Distributing ue4 build with wwise integrated to team

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First off, I just got my ue4 engine build with wwise integrated working, and successfully integrated it into my existing project.


Now my question is, what files would I need to upload on p4v so others can download this custom build and be able to hear audio implemented into the project?

Which ue4 engine directories need to be shared (sorry I'm not really a programmer, and up until this point our little team hasn't used custom source code for ue4),

and does every team member need wwise installed, or do they just need the project files with correct path in the config?
asked Jan 22, 2015 in General Discussion by Marc J. (200 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Marc,

Everyone will need the integration code in their engine build, but only the sound designer(s) will need the Wwise project. The beauty of Wwise's UE4 integration is that UE4 builds the banks into UE4 assets using the wwise sdk files. The Wwise project folder is needed to build the banks within the UE4 editor, however once they're built, they will be useable for anyone who has UE4 with Wwise integration.

So everyone else on the team WILL still need the same UE4+Wwise build. As far as the UE4 licensing goes for useage, I am assuming you can still version control your entire UE4 source for your whole team, if they have subscriptions. Perhaps someone else could clarify this. If not, each team member would need to add the Wwise integration files to their own UE4 build.
answered Jan 23, 2015 by Richard Goulet (5,700 points)
Richard pretty much nailed it: Every member of your team will need the UE4 compiled with Wwise. You probably already have some sort of version control for your UE4 tree, so anything that came in the integration zip (or anything that is on GitHub), minus the demo game and Wwise project, is needed to use the Integration.

As far as the game goes, you only need your soundbanks. Once generated, they are found in YOUR_GAME_PATH/content/WwiseAudio. This is all that is needed for the other members of your team.

As far as binaries go, you would need the same binaries as when distributing UE4. As Richard mentioned, there might be licensing issues, so you're better off contacting Epic support on this.