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Wwise Launcher : Error migrating from legacy install table

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I've had an error for a few days and I think it's due to an update of Wwise Launcher from another user on the same Mac. I have this message that appears: "Error migrating from legacy install table" + the different accesses that are corrupted.
I tried to reinstall the Launcher on the other user, but that doesn't solve the problem. I checked the "write + read" access of the concerned folders, it doesn't work either.... I don't see any other solution
Does anyone have an idea to help me?

asked Apr 13, 2022 in General Discussion by Théophile Demarcq (1,590 points)
Hi Théophile!

I'm sorry to hear this isn't working for you. Read/write rights on the installation folders should indeed be enough for the migration to succeed. Please confirm if you are able to create files inside the installation folder (e.g. /Applications/Audiokinetic/Wwise xxx.x.x/). If you have "bundle.json" and/or "installEntry.json" files inside of these folders, please make sure you have write access to those as well.

We have also received your bug report, but unfortunately I don't see any logs attached to it. Would you be able to re-submit the bug report with the logs attached?

Hope this helps,

I have just made the changes you asked for. Indeed, I had given access to write and read to the folders, but not to the *.json files which are in the folders. I put it back in write and read and it works !

Thank you!
Awesome, glad it helped!

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I have a similar issue. I've made sure I've Read and Write permissions. But it won't work. I'm not sure why. I've sent a bug report.
answered Nov 11, 2022 by Balandino Di Donato (580 points)