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Any good practice to combine multiple Wwise Projects

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During the development of an AAA title, there will be tons of sound works, like interactive music pieces, dialogs, and sound effects.

In order to optimize the workflow and the game audio pipeline, I am wondering if it is possible to have 3 different people take charge of them,  respecitvely?

For example, the dialog audio guy starts up his own Wwise project with only dialog integrated in the hierarchy, meanwhile, the music audio guy also create his own Wwise project with only music pieces with their transition and stinger infomation, the same as sound effects audio guy. Finally, the audio director wanna import these 3 projects into his project and do some revise, then pass the combined project to the audio programmer.
asked Sep 15, 2013 in General Discussion by User 96899 (160 points)

1 Answer

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It is quite common to have many people working on the same project.  Wwise doesn't support merging multiple project into one.  However, the correct workflow it is by using the same project, but with different Work Units (.wwu files).  So you could create a new Work Unit for the VO and another one for the SFX.  The music is already in its own Work Unit.  Although you could split that too, if needed (for example you have 2 composers working on unrelated pieces of music).
answered Sep 17, 2013 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,040 points)