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Rooms In Unity

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Hello everyone. I have a question about the Rooms on Unity. I'm a student in sound design, this is the 10th project I'm doing with Unity and Wwise this year and this is the first time I'm facing this problem.

Unity version : 2020.3.10f1 Wwise version : 2021.1.2.7629

Here, we use the 3D Game Kit of unity. Wwise is well integrated, I have been working on it for 3 weeks. I attack the setup of the rooms and portals.

I wanted to test by putting a test emitter in a first room with all the setup (I copied exactly what I had done on the small project, to be sure) but my emitter doesn't fit in the reverb I assigned to the room. In the Game Object 3D profiler I noticed that my emitter is not considered to be in a room. (On the other project it does detect the room)

Where can this problem come from? I have the exact same settings on both projects, so I would say it's more Unity than Wwise (Something in the 3D Game Kit? but again I can't see) but that's just a guess. I have no idea how to solve this problem, if you have any clues it would be great and I can't thank you enough.

I could screen all the settings if ever necessary but as I copied exactly the settings of the project it works in, I'm not necessarily sure of the relevance.

Thanking you.
asked Apr 25, 2022 in General Discussion by Lucas M. (100 points)

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