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Unity Integration and Plastic SCM

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I'm trying to integrate Wwise 2021 into a Unity project that has been version-controlled in Plastic SCM for a few months, and I'm having some trouble.  I can successfully do the integration and get a test sound playing on my end, but after committing and pulling down the project on another machine, the banks fail to load and the Wwise Picker is not available--Unity doesn't seem to recognize the integration.

I'm hoping to keep my Wwise project out of the Unity project's file structure (or at least out of the project's source control), so that everyone else only has to pull down new banks regularly, and anything else only once.  (Our programmers will call events in code, so there's no need for everyone to have access to the Wwise Picker, either.)  I'm also collaborating with another audio designer, so I'd like to be able to track changes to the Wwise project in a *separate* source control workspace, or at the very least using Dropbox or something.

I'm aware of this new Plastic plugin ( but I don't think it'd solve the fundamental problem.  Any ideas?

Thanks!  I've gotten my team onboard with Wwise, now I just have to follow through with a smooth integration...
asked Apr 25, 2022 in General Discussion by Alec G. (100 points)

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