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Most desired feature - Container Parameter Lock

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Hi Ak team,

I've been working with Wwise for close to a decade now, and the singular feature that would be most beneficial to my team is a "Container Parameter Lock" feature. Essentially, a means of locking down the settings on a bus, actor-mixer, or container so that parameters cannot be altered without first undoing the lock. The most basic implementation of this feature could be just a simple checkbox that greyed out & froze every parameter on until unchecked. This alone would be immensely helpful. A more ambitious version of this could include password authorization options to access frozen containers.

I work on the Elder Scrolls Online, and our Wwise project has continued to grow to an ever-increasingly massive size over the course of continued development. With multiple designers checking out work units daily, it can be VERY easy for someone to accidentally alter a container parameter in a way that was unintended, and never realize it until someone hears a difference in game, which can be hard to notice in a project of our scale. Unintended small or big changes to the project mix can fly under the radar, sometimes for even months or years. And all because of a slip of the mouse wheel or a bad tap of the keyboard.

We have developed some internal practices and audits to fight against this issue, but it's a constant threat before every release, and a new Wwise feature like this would go a long way in helping us out.

Thanks for your time!

asked May 4, 2022 in Feature Requests by Jeremy G. (160 points)
edited May 11, 2022 by Jeremy G.

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