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How can I make a sound play once, when one of my game parameters hits a certain value?

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Hi, I need to make a sound play once, right when one of my game parameters (RTPC) hits a certain value.

How can I do this?

I'm guessing that doing it through a switch linked to the player hp would also work, but I don't know how to use a switch like an event.

asked May 9, 2022 in General Discussion by Gab F. (100 points)

1 Answer

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You'd have to put your Switch in continuous mode. Set up your Switch with the RTPC. Then the key step you are missing is that you have to play an event, at the start of your game, that plays your switch on your player (or watever object that's persistent through your level and where your RTPC is updated). Make sure your RTPC is set to a value that does not play your sound when you play that event. Then when the value will reach the treshold, your sound will play! It will only play again if your RTPC goes under the threshold and over again. You can avoid multiple triggers with Slew Rates, limitations (and a long tail if you need to cheat even more).

Hope it helps!

answered May 29, 2022 by Nikola Viel [SIDE Global] (1,620 points)