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How the Game Object Profiler is broken, and suggestions for improvement.

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And now for some venting of gripes, and suggestions on how things could be improved...

Using Wwise Game Object Profiler is still really tedious in terms of visualization. It would be far better to have native support via an AK UE plugin/tool to draw debug data for Wwise game objects/AKComponents and other audio-related entities (volumes, portals, etc) at the position of each game object within the viewport in UE.

Or if that would be too difficult, I wish AK could at least make the Game Object 3D Viewer (GO3DV) a floating utility window in Wwise with 100% background transparency, allow it to be resized to match the dimensions of the UE viewport, and retain the ability to follow/match the position, orientation, FOV, and other settings of the player/camera (or other game object) in the UE viewport so that the various data displayed in the GO3DV could be a contextually-relevant overlay. It would be way clearer and more useful instead of a bunch of dots and lines and overlapping text that often is almost impossible to read, especially since the Game Object Filter seems broken, and doesn't seem to filter the displayed objects properly - regardless of whether I add game objects by name or ID. Only the text filter seems to work to any extent. But then I can't include more than one game object ID, and when trying to exclude AKcomponents of an actor so I only see the emitters in the list or 3D viewer, as soon as the emitters play a sound, they are removed from the list and from the 3D viewer. Ugh.

I can only hope this stuff will be fixed in the newest release. We're currently using 2021.1.6 with UE5, which I've heard is still considered 'early access' and not fully supported by AK/Wwise, so I guess that could potentially explain some of the issues we've been having.
asked May 20, 2022 in Feature Requests by Mike MKJ (280 points)
Thanks for your Feedback. That is appreciated.

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