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RegisterBusMeteringCallback fails to callback on anything other than the master bus

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I'm trying to play around with the bus metering functionality, and I'm able to succesfully receive callbacks against the "Master Audio Bus", which is great.

But I don't seem to be able to receive callbacks from any other bus (I can register the callback functions without issue - the SDK doesn't complain - but the callbacks aren't firing).


Should this behaviour work?

Do I need to setup the audio bus to somehow accept callback registration (which, possibly the master bus already does?)


I'm running 2014.1.2 on OSX
asked Jan 28, 2015 in General Discussion by Tim K. (450 points)
I just ran into this as well, and was really surprised.

It'd be great if (1) the docs could be updated to mention this and/or (2) the the register call would fail and indicate the bus is missing the required effect.

1 Answer

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Okay, I got this.

Turns out user defined busses don't have metering enabled unless you have an effects plugin attached to it.

I couldn't find any way to enable metering explicitly without adding a plugin to the bus.. BUT..


There is a handy effects plugin called, simply "Wwise Meter" which is presumably provided just for this purpose - without having to apply any effect to the output.

Job done!
answered Feb 2, 2015 by Tim K. (450 points)