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Wwise/Unity Integration with 3D Game Kit: Replacing an AudioPlayer with an Ak.Event and AkGameObject in Script???

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Hello all. I've been working on replacing all the audio in the 3d Game Kit through Wwise integration and am fairly new to coding. I am working on the sounds of an energy grenade exploding and bouncing. In the original script for the grenade they declare 2 RandomAudioPlayers:

public RandomAudioPlayer explosionPlayer;

public RandomAudioPlayer bouncePlayer;

Then later in the script the Explosion function starts of like this:

public void Explosion() {

if (explosionPlayer) {



} .....

I am attempting to replace these lines as follows, first I declare 3 things at the beginning:

public AK.Wwise.Event aKExplosion;

public AK.Wwise.Event aKBounce;

private AkGameObj grenadeLocation;

Then later I replace the original lines in the function with:

public void Explosion() {

if (grenadeLocation) {



} .....

I'm not getting any errors in the script but also no sound from the explosion... I'm not sure AkGameObject is the correct class to use here but so far I have not come up with any better ideas and have hit a wall. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also let me know if I should elaborate on any aspect. Thanks!!

asked May 26 in General Discussion by Jon S. (100 points)

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