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Is it possible to find out in game code whether a particular event uses random containers?

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Hi there,

I'm creating a culling system in my game engine that will stop emitters, cache their events, and store a time stamp - in order to reduce voices etc. Then when they are un-culled, it posts the events and seeks on them so they play as if they hadn't been stopped.

The issue I am having is events with random containers. When you try to seek on them, there is an error from Wwise. Documentation states to not seek on such events. That would be fine, we just let emitters with those events play as normal.

Except I can't find a way to know in code before seeking on an event that that event will have random containers on it. There doesn't seem to be a query for this, or any information we can read from the SoundbanksInfo.xml

Is there a way around this?

More broadly, is there a way to tell whether seeking on a particular event is safe?


Using Wwise version 2021.1.6


API Call made:


Errors I am hitting:

AK Error: Cannot seek in sound that is within a continuous container with special transitions
AK Error: Seeking after end of file. Playback will stop

The second of which seems to be the result of the duration being variable due to random containers.

Thanks for any help!
asked Jun 8, 2022 in General Discussion by Tom W. (100 points)

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