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Plug-in execution failure: Wwise Audio Input

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I'm trying to experiment with microphone input for eventual voice-chat features in a project I'm working on and have hit a wall with Wwise's native audio input source.

I followed the normal steps of creating a sound SFX and assigning a Wwise Audio Input source to it, and creating an event, but whenever I play the event or the SFX directly the transporter blinks and the capture log shows "Plug-in execution failure: Wwise Audio Input". This doesn't happen in 2019.2, but It is present in all of the 2021.1 versions that I have tried.

The GME source plugin works as expected, and the integration demo works for 2021.1.9, although I have the same issue in the supplied integration project.

Is there something I'm missing?
asked Jun 12, 2022 in General Discussion by Alex D. (130 points)
Hello, did you ever solve the issue with audio input not playing?

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