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Can the Init Bank be made modular?

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We're currently in the process of structuring our Wwise project to work with our DLC plan.  We already have media and structures being separated out into their individual banks in order to be downloaded separately.  However, the problem that we have run into is that all RTPC and switch data is being stored in the init sound bank.  It won't work for us to simply have a new copy of init.bnk in each DLC pack, since our packs are all modular, there may be sound added in a DLC that expands upon a switch we're using at launch.

Is there a way to separate out this type of switch information to make init.bnk extensible?  Or are there other best-practices for enabling this type of scenario?
asked Sep 19, 2013 in General Discussion by Jeff S. (150 points)

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For that scenario, you will need to make a single Init.bnk file that you will provide as a an update/patch to your game main code for all of your users.  This will be the new Init.bnk that supports all DLC available.  It is basically a cummulative Init.bnk.  Each time you release a new DLC, you will need to provide an update will the new version of Init.bnk.

Then, each of the DLC will contain its own bnk files (but not the Init.bnk) that can be added independently, and each DLC will need to depend on the Init.bnk to be at the correct version.
answered Sep 20, 2013 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (30,260 points)
selected May 21, 2014 by Jeff S.

I am actually working on the same thing right now. And seeing how fresh is this post I ask my question here.

In the situation where we have a new Init bank to load for the DLC but the main game Init bank was loaded. We need to obviously unload the Init bank of the main game, then reload the one from the DLC.

But do we need to shutdown the engine ? Reload All Banks ?

Can we simply unload/reload an Init bank on the fly ?

Thank you
You don't need to shutdown the engine, but you should unload all banks before doing it.