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Why Wwise has an overlap in Interactive Music?

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Whenever a track loops back to the beginning or when a track switches to the next one in Music Playlist container there's an overlapping of these tracks. It can actually be tracked in Profiler, which clearly shows a short (as in blink of an eye short) moment when there are 2 voices instead of 1 on the loop/tracks junction point. This issue really messes up my Playback Limit control: in my case it's a situation when Player for example goes to game menu and then goes back to gameplay. As a result I either have to add Stop Track X action to the event before Play Track X (and music starts playing from the beginning of a track) or I have to deal with numerous instances of Track X playing simultaneously, because with Playback Limit set to 1 + Discard newest instance Track X simply gets muted for every other loop. Whilst Playback Limit set to 1 + Discard oldest instance brings us back to the situation when music starts from the beginning every time Player goes to menu or gets back to gameplay, and there also a short glitch of a pause starts occuring between loop joints / tracks. 

Is it a bug or feature? If it's a bug - how come I can't find any complaints about it? If it's a feature - what's the sense? Why would there be an overlapping in Interactive Music? Why then if you use a music track as a looped SFX unit then there's no overlapping at all? 

Wwise v2021.1.4.7707 but this problem is still there in the latest 2022.1 beta, I've just checked it.


Profiler screenshot


asked Jul 28, 2022 in General Discussion by Mike Zimean (110 points)

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