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Limbo crashes every time

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I can not for the life of me get Limbo to work. I'm using Parallels 10 with Windows tech preview. Installed the correct Direct X, ran as Admin, moved Limbo to a different location, Ran it in Windows 8, 7, XP, compatibility modes, re-downloaded twice and nothing, . Every time I get a message saying "Limbo has stopped working." Finally I ran the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter and it says it isn't compatible. I send this to a tech friend of mine who tried running Limbo in Windows 10, Windows 7 both with Direct X 9 on VM's and finally on an HP i7 running Windows 7. It didn't run. He could get it to run a little bit but not well enough to use. Is there anyone who is using this with Parallels successfully? If so would you please let me know which OS and configuration your using?I have a brand new MBP 2.8Ghz with 16GB of ram and Geforce  GT750M. I really want to try some sound design to this game but I am having no luck getting it to run. ANY advice or recomendation will be greatly appreciated.

- Jeremy
asked Feb 4, 2015 in General Discussion by Jeremy E. (230 points)
Were you able to run on Windows directly? without Parallels?
I'm on Mac so I can't run Windows directly. I have now also confirmed the same results with Windows 8.1
I could try Bootcamp, but I don't want to partition my drive. I have limited space as it is.
I finally broke down and installed this using bootcamp. Works fine. Something gets broken when trying to use Limbo through VM ware. Virtualbox also fails this test. FINALLY I can get going on this. Thanks for the suggestion Bernard R.
- Jeremy

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