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Interactive Music: Custom transitions will trigger if a maker has been hit BEFORE the state change was activated

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I'm going to simplify the situation down to the bare bones of the issue for clarity!

The project has 2 Music Tracks with Custom Cues in them. They are inside a Music Switch Container controlled by State changes. The transitions between the two Music Tracks are set to use the Custom Cue as it's 'Exit Source' marker. However, should the state change be triggered *after* the custom cue has been passed in the music, the transition will still occur.

My question then is, why is the Custom Cue working in an 'on/off' method (as in, once past this cue, allow the transition at any time) rather than only making the transition once the State change has been activated and *then* when the cue is next hit.

Has anyone else experienced this? (I've also just tested and the same occurs when using Exit Cues as well as Custom Cues)


asked Feb 5, 2015 in General Discussion by Jon R. (110 points)

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