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'Project data cleaner' - Strip all unused data out of a project

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If you override parent on any object, add settings and then later change your mind, the data you entered will remain stored in the project. No big deal, but if you multiply that by, say, 20,000 assets in a large project and now you've got a huge amount of data that is no longer needed but is still loaded every time someone opens the project. It's just needless data that slows project loads down for everyone that uses it. This problem is only getting worse as projects get larger and larger.

I would love a way to strip unused data like this out of a project or work unit. The process would simply go through and remove any stored data from a property that has 'Override Parent' disabled. So this would strip data from things like the below for Actor-Mixer Hierarchy objects:

- Output Bus

- User and Game Defined Aux Sends

- Conversion settings

- Effects

- Positioning

, etc...

I've wanted this feature added for years so thought I'd create a FR.

asked Sep 8, 2022 in Feature Requests by Rob Blake (100 points)

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