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support for game object names using FAkAudioDevice::RegisterComponent and a sound bank generation keyboard shortcut

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I've been testing out the recent wwise 2022.1.0.7985 preview release with our UE5 project and there is a lot of neat changes to the unreal integration that makes our current setup easier to manage now with the addition of the WWISESOUNDENGINE_API that expose those calls outside of the AkAudio module. We have been injecting a custom class inside AkAudio that expose functions to our own module but this would no longer be necessary if it was not for these two things:

1. We are currently using the FAkComponentCallbackManager to handle our event callbacks, and since this is not exposed outside AkAudio we need our injected class still.
We could use FAkAudioDevice::RegisterComponent(AkGameObjectID GameObjectID) to make use of the callback manager but then we cannot have any identifying names on our components so the request is if we could add a argument to
set the name of the registered component with this function? Our custom audio components are not inheriting UAkComponent so we cannot use FAkAudioDevice::RegisterComponent(UAkComponent * in_pComponent).
Another solution for us would be if FAkComponentCallbackManager was exposed outside of AkAudio.

2. We are using AkGenerateSoundBanksTask::CreateAndExecuteTask(const AkSoundBankGenerationManager::FInitParameters& InitParameters) in order to bind sound bank generation to a keyboard shortcut.
The request here is to either add a keyboard shortcut for soundbank generation to the wwise plugin or expose function calls that would make it possible to do this outside of AkAudio.

Although I have only scratched the surface of this new wwise version I really enjoy the new tab layout and the new asset management in unreal seems much more stable already, having the auto-defined banks in wwise feels like a great approach that I believe will fit our workflow. Great work!
asked Sep 14, 2022 in Feature Requests by Christian V. (100 points)

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