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Programmer documentation for WWISE working in UE4?

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Is there some documentation that shows programmers how to pass information from UE4 to WWise. As an example, how does a programmer pass game state information, RTPC, and switch information via code to the Wwise engine?  Is this all done thorugh blueprints?



asked Feb 9, 2015 in General Discussion by Nikki M. (140 points)

1 Answer

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In the UE4 integration, you'll find a Wwise_UE4_Integration.chm file (there is a Japanese version as well).  This should contain the information you're looking for, and all of the API.  Also, the UnrealWwiseDemoGame should show you examples of passing this information (I'm not sure if it's both in code and in Blueprint).  If you open the CHM and it appears empty, that's just Windows trying to protect you from the evils of the outside world.  You can right click on the file, go to Properties and 'Unblock' the file.  Then, you should see all of the contents.

Hope that helps!

answered Feb 10, 2015 by Mike D. (Audiokinetic) (3,020 points)