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Does ReaWwise 1.0.2 work with REAPER 6.68 (Released Sep 22, 2022)?

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Yes it wil! - presently ReaWwise 1.0.2 was verified against REAPER 6.67.

We expect to have ReaWise 1.0.3 with a correction out shortly.
asked Sep 23, 2022 in ReaWwise by Devon M. (Audiokinetic) (1,480 points)

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ReaWwise v1.0.3


  • Fixed issue where the preview panel is empty due to parsing RENDER_TARGETS incorrectly for REAPER 6.68
answered Sep 23, 2022 by Devon M. (Audiokinetic) (1,480 points)
selected Sep 26, 2022 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic)